The Difference Between Boring & Honing #m54rebuild 17

I began my rebuild when I did a compression test and noticed I had poor compression in cylinders 2-6 (about 142 psi, the bottom of the service limit). Cylinder 1 head 160 psi. A leakdown test showed leakage into each adjacent cylinder. Of course my engine also had the oil consumption problem (1 quart every 1000 miles) that every M54 engine has, which is caused by the oil rings which wear down prematurely (the M52TU used different oil rings which did not have this problem). There was also coolant loss, which I didn’t measure precisely.

Rent a torque plate from VAC motorsports:

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7 thoughts on “The Difference Between Boring & Honing #m54rebuild 17

  1. Hey Jason, I guess you watched the HPF video off youtube? With all the work your doing on that engine wouldn't you want a quote from M&B machine shop featured in that video? Shipping the block can't be that bad to them and get them to do a proper job…

    Surely the work your doing on that engine of yours, its only right that you have the block torque plated in the machining process?

  2. again….first class …also ….any chance we could have a running spreadsheet of costs for the build and tools…..BUT ….we realize that no dollar amount can ever substitute for the amount of satisfaction/accomplishment/fun a project like this can bring….best wishes for the project

  3. As always, outstanding presentation. I've learned so much from you. Thank you very much.
    Quick question: Will the hone brush or stone remove rust from a cylinder wall?

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