31 thoughts on “The Georgian Bay Steam Show August 05 2017

  1. Hey bill,
    I just bought a dewalt bench grinder that came with a 70 grit and a 100 grit stone. I want to put a wire brush on it but will have to replace one of the stones for it. Which stone should I get rid of? I remember you had a video when you got your new grinder but couldn't remember what grit you got rid of.

  2. I'm sorry but I must say this channel is now boring. Since you can't do videos of you working in the shop. Not only me, other people feel the same way. We miss seeing the 110 repairs. My thoughts and prayers go out to Bill and his family.☺

  3. 08:36 TV knives LOL…
    Our show is coming up at the end of the month.
    I'll be camped out there from Tues night through Sunday.
    I did not see Dilly along there with you ? Does he not have an interest in that kind of stuff ?
    You'd go nuts with our flea-market , 10 acres….

  4. Speaking of 29, I went to my local BMV this morning to renew my driver's license and you'd never guess what number customer I was…. lol. At least it wasn't really busy and I was next to be waited on after I went in.

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