The Making of the 2015 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution Final Edition (English Subtitled)

Arguably the originator of the four-door sports car genre, the Lancer Evolution has seen ten generations – three of which were sold in the U.S. over 12 years. To send it off in style, 1,600 numbered Final Edition models will be offered to the U.S. market.

Celebrate all the generations of the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution at



47 thoughts on “The Making of the 2015 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution Final Edition (English Subtitled)

  1. I think this is very impressive. I like reliability. No need to change the styling every year.
    I think the Lancer looks fine. Thumbs up to the dedicated workers in the Mitsubishi assembly plants. I hope they can continue with it…..

  2. I truly love  my rotor glow mitsi , the recaros and paddle shifters make me feel invincible. see ya later you heavy pos north American built "sports cars"
    . Too bad all roads are not straight and  1/4 mile long.

  3. I am 21 years old person who just graduated and start my journey to be success. How could my dream car ended even before I made my way to Evo's seat?
    I've been dreaming for evo's family since my childhood, by the time I be able to buy cars, the one that I want will not be there.

  4. 馬鹿!!! 何で?!!!why would you stop making the evo? Damm if you brought back the 1g or 2g dsm eclipse with modern tech I would buy 2!

  5. Really sucks they have no good classics anymore… no Eclipse… I had a 4g and while they get a lot of flack, it was a fun little 2.4L with MIVEC … I beat SRT4s and WRXs with no mods. But it broke in a month so it was probably modded ?. Definitely would consider buying a 4g GT with 300hp + Ft lbs… just wish they were AWD/RWD:(

  6. when I saw this car in the lot I fell in love with it…… when I drove it…. it put a smile in face…. this was my hero car in gran turismo this was my childhood dream….. you when they say never meet your childhood hero…… in this case that's totally wrong my evo is perfect….. I absolutely love it

  7. Great imagery! 10 years of ownership of 3 Mitsubishi vehicles, and I've never been let down in any way by the company: be that sales, service or parts. I don't therefore understand complaints which are levelled in comments sections like here, or beyond in actual discussion. I would NOT take my $60,000 anywhere else.

  8. well as of August this video wouldn't matter to the world anymore, stupid Mitsubishi always changing stuff up to what 'they' think is right but not taking into consideration of the people and just adding more to their line than taking out

  9. They make great cars but their sales are poor. Every mechanic/enthusiast I've talked to is saying Mitsubishi is going to pull out of Canada soon. I bought a Lancer in 2009, and it is a TOUGH WELL MADE car. Just wish they would expand their line-up or re-invent their brand.

  10. So… They decide to discontinue the Evo. And decided to bring back the Eclipse name to a crossover… Well. Mitsubishi has officially been handed over to old folks home… Awaiting their deaths…

  11. I always wanted an Evo. It was my favorite car. I recently just replaced my 06 Lancer Ralliart which was totaled in an accident with the 2017 Lancer AWC SE model. This video is amazing for any Lancer fan.

  12. well sales have been dropping for quite a while they tryed to renew the lineup but with no big successes u fortunatelly 🙁 the lancer is not yet dead tho is still sold in china india (i think ) and indonesia. i belive that the main problem with the evo was that at Her price range was not suitable for the buyers it appeals at a young audience 20/35 but at 50k only old people can afford it and usually they would buy "luxury "cars and the evo was not one 🙁

  13. it's so sad to know that mitsubishi stopped its evo production. however, it would be an honor for those who owns one of these final edition evolutions because they're the ones had the privilege to own one.

  14. why Mitsubishi why??? i love the evo… I play nfsmw and I only have 2 cars on my garage, the eclipse and evo VIII, I finished the game with that cars … so sad that the legend is now gone… ??

  15. Why why why why why mitsubishi why???? Damn you Mitsubishi. I wanna cry so hard :'( it is my dream to purchase an evo and now maybe i'll never gonna be able to purchase an evo because it's soon gonna become a collector's item which will be very expensive 🙁 what I'm gonna do now mitsubishi? I curse you.

  16. Thank you for all the cars that mitsubishi made us over 10 generations of blood sweat and tears on dirt and snow this video is a tribute and a final goodbye to the evo generation you will always be my dream car since i was 2 years old

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