48 thoughts on “The Repair of a Surging Tecumseh Mower

  1. Liked your lift so much I went to Harbor Freight and got me one. Makes working on push mowers so much easier. Thanks

  2. Catching up on some of your older videos. Another plus for me. I think if you had known the idle circuit was the problem you would have gone right to it. If I had known the Mega millions lottery number, I would have picked the right numbers last night and I would buy all new lawn equipment and not worry about all this. LOL

  3. What surprises me, the carb. gas bowl is generally clean, yet the smallest minute piece of gunk clogs some small venturi and stick it to you in the middle of lawn cutting day. Where does this gunk appear from ? Evaporation of gas or is it the dye in the fuel?

  4. how much for that job in ct i would charge elderly neighbourhood and i mow there yards parts only they buy $35 denaros

  5. good vid mate , i have an old petrol flymo engine with Tecumseh mv100s/e engine , have put a new governor spring on , choice of three holes have chosen the middle one but does not seem to rev very high , do you know which is the correct one ? thanks .

  6. Excellent, That was the issue for my Scotts lawnmower I got for fee and fixing to sell.
    It had been sitting for 2 years , and the gas in it was like molasses. Its running now after a carb re-build and and cleaning. This Idle speed jet cleaning was the last thing I had to do.
    This diagram helped alot as well.. This is from a OHV Tecumseh engine. 6.5 HP

    you will see it on my channel once the used Muffler part comes in from Seller in Montana on eBay. its a difficult part to find and its very expensive new.

  7. Hey Thanks, I've just used your video to fix my surging Tecumseh mower engine. I knew the problem was probably in the carby somewhere as the surging problem started whne I let the fuel tank empty.
    Downunda, Melbourne Australia

  8. Never have been a fan of tecumseh engines but i have repaired a ton of them and i found it easier to by a new carb off ebay for about 12 bucks and free shipping. Sure it is a chinese reproduction carb but i can say i have never had any complaint's from any of my customers.

  9. Hi Bruce.  In this video you indicate you found a plugged brass jet in the idling circuit.  I think I have the same issue.  For that brass jet, the holes are clear  from one side to the other.  When I try to pass a wire down from the point of the brass plug to the side holes, I am not getting through.  whatever is in there seems like a hard stop for the wire.  I assume this should not be.  Any suggestions for clearing a plug out that seems so lodged in the jet?  Thank you.

  10. Nice job….dropping the needle seems to be a popular thing….as long as the tip does not
    dent all is well….also blowing thru pieced should be toward a paper towel so one can see
    if any minute debris blow out. BUT VERY WELL DONE !

  11. i got mine for free and wanted to mess with the carbs. it ran fine when i got it but i wanted to learn the parts of a carburetor so i took it apart and cleaned it then put it back… i never went as far as the idle cct or the emulsion tube. all i cleaned was the butterly, the needle, float, screw, and bowl.. i put it back and it was surging but even worse than yours it was starving even more. i have no idea what could be wrong… did i dirty it putting it back?

  12. very easy going to do that to our Briggs does the same thing but I think its so lean that it only starts with starting fluid I though it was broken and not even 1 year old new engines aren't bad just more sensitive… what's gonna be a pain is that I'm about to change 8 fuel injectors on our expedition also old Briggs where extremely reliable my grandfather's 97' Troy built mower self propelled it even has some strange spring starter when it shuts off it winds a spring up that on the next run you just pull the lever and cranks the engine pretty strange but for a 97' mower that was advanced and he paid a lot for it I think he told me like $600 or $700 still runs strong just needs a tune up like bearings piston rings clean out carb and piston head and it will be good as new 😀 I love that mower its rare and strange how it starts

  13. I almost was going to buy and rebuild the whole rebuild kit until I saw I could get a new OEM for $17.
    All the parts, plus 2-3 cans of carb cleaner seemed like too much hassle, even for me.
    Thanks for the video though, I will rebuild the old carb later in the future.

  14. Good video. I have the same engine, same carb, mine MUST be primed even when warm. Probably clogged somewhere eh?

  15. These run a lot better if you ….um….Clean the high speed and fixed low speed jets "REALLY WELL" (so well in fact that a few thousandths of an inch of brass goes mysteriously missing) in the jet openings if you have access to microscopic drill bits and reamers, pokers, etc. . (where legal, of course).
    The EPA is the main reason we have to put up with these lean running POS newer small engines.

  16. great job. your voice is like my granpa, he was a mountain climber, photographer, plumber, electrician, etc, aint nuttin that he could'nt do!!!

  17. good video, i would recommend to also taking off the cylinder head to clean the carbon off
    this will improve gas usage, and performance.

  18. Good coverage and detail Bruce! Enjoyed it, was looking for this type machine but mine is flooding and fails to start. Cleaned carb but now I think I need to adjust float bowl and go from there. Still have 6 more push mowers and around 29 weeders to bring back to life before the next grass season. Between you and donyboy73 should be able to solve all my problems that I get stumped on.Glad I love my garage.

  19. I like your videos pops, you seem like you enjoy bringing these items back to life as do I , after 30 years of doing it and working with your hands one tends to somehow find a part of their identity in it. Keep posting the videos ….

  20. Hi +Bruce Pender, I have an issue, after doing all this and putting it back, the little red tube that goes to air filter leaks gas, any ideas? Please help

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