Throttle adjustment on Briggs Horizontal Cast Iron Engines

Here you go buddy. The rest looks perfect! Expecting a video of that engine purring along!!



20 thoughts on “Throttle adjustment on Briggs Horizontal Cast Iron Engines

  1. Hey Zippo I just bought a 3012. What do recommend for an exhaust port that has no threads left. Also the carburetor is missing the plate at the bottom. I'm able to look straight at the choke valve do you where I could find one

  2. hay zipp I got a cast iron Briggs & Stratton 12 HP on a simplicity sovereign 3012 and the rods that got to the governor and the carb I do not have some one was working on it and lost a lot of stuff but to good news is I got it running good but I don't have the right stuff for the governor other then I piece of wire holding the governor and the other bar together and I got a rod going from the governor to the carb and my cable is hocked to the governor I don't think I got it set up right

  3. Thanks for the Tip about the Governor forcing the throttle body closed when started up… I just cleaned my Toro 11HP Carb. I thought I missed or lost a spring, because the throttle would not close by itself while I was hooking up the linkage…. (when I re-installed the clean Carb…)
    I started it up, and the Gov. forced the throttle to the correct position…
    Great Video…

  4. @kelkenb8 My engines range in HP from 8 to 16. Typically, if you have to choke it to keep it running there is a fuel delivery problem. First try this…..start the engine, let it get warm at idle, then turn the main jet screw (can be seen in my carb rebuild series) counter clockwise slowly. If the engine starts to blow black smoke and idle rough, open the choke a little at a time. Do this until the engine will idle w/o choke, then increase the engine speed and adjust main jet until it runs well.

  5. Oh wow….you and Tom live close and are friends? How cool is that? No one on here lives close to me. That's why I have to do so many videos! lol It's great knowing you guys are working on Toms machine together.

  6. Hey man! Had sorta forgotten about it. I really do understand how hard it is to not have money. Im jobless right now, and Im really sturggling just to keep gas in my car.
    Hope all is well with yourself though buddy!

  7. Thanks Charles! I haven't forgotten about you man. Your stuff is boxed up, but I've had a bunch of Doctors bills and vehicle plate renewals come up and I'm flat busted right now. Hang in there my friend, I'll get your stuff out to you!!

  8. Absolutely….as long as the engine isn't throwing oil into the combustion chamber. They don't like that. But they are an excellent plug. I have E3s in 5 of my tractors. The rest have the old CJ8s.

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