1. Thanks for the video I picked up a 76 skidoo Everest with a Tillotson it'll be the first one I'm doing I've done a lot of mikunis and kei gonna these are new to my I also have a 69 olypique I need to do too

  2. I removed that check valve and my Elan 250 and it runs fine without it.
    Now, I'm sure I'll never have a check valve problem.

  3. where can we get the ball valves all the kits I've seen don't have them and I can't find them anywhere please help!!!!!!!!

  4. I have that carburetor on my 1995 Mercury Force 70 o/b. I can't get it started without using starting fluid, and then it only runs for a second. I also have fresh gas coming out of the exhaust mixed with water. I am so frustrated! I wish I could send it to ya and you rebuild it!!

  5. Now you know why people turn to the mikuni carbs. To much carp that can go wrong and to much work to fix in the field or at the race track.

  6. Thanks for the vids Louis! Your carb vids, and points and condenser vids are insanely helpful. I've got no fears of going through my 72 Nordic myself now. No doubt modern gas is nasty horrible quality stuff. Wish I had been around back when these old Doos were brand new.

  7. Could you please send me the link to where you bought your rebuild kit? I can't get my new Olympic going and I'm 1000% sure it needs a carb rebuild kit. Btw if you saw my Elan could you tell me the year? Mine didn't come with a Date Of Birth. It's 1970s for sure. I'd love to get together and go riding, we could get a bunch of those things together and make "the march of the Elans" just cause they're the best.

  8. I was very interested watching your video. You are SO correct in saying that many carb kits are ABSOLUTE JUNK! Have you ever seen when you tighten the screw that holds the fulcrum arm and rod, that as you tighten that screw in it ends up pushing the needle down so far that it bottoms out not the needle end of the arm, but that other end which in turns ends up hitting the top of the carb? If I back the screw out some things are fine, but I can't imagine that is right.

  9. There was no welch plugs in the tillotson carb kit I bought, it came with the winderosa diaphragm and gasket kit

  10. Do you sell carb rebuild kits or recommend where to get them? I have a Tillitson as well, but junk rebuild kit I don’t know what is good or bad anymore. Ready to give up on my restore of my Olympique 399 that I have totally rebuilt because of this carb.

  11. I have a sachs 290 with tillotson hr114a and when the engine is cold it runs fine but it starts to idle high when it gets warm. i tried to adjust the lowjet but no success. i did put a new kit in it for the fuel pump but it was not a kit for the whole carb, just the pump. suggestions on what to check on it. It ran fine in the beginning of the season. The snowmobile is an Aktiv 290 LĂĄng from 1978. swedish sled.

  12. Im waay to poor to be able to buy a new track for my old modded enticer, and its lugs are really short, would studs actually help improve its traction, making me able to go in somewhat deeper powder?

  13. hey can you look at my ski doo video please something is going wrong with my summit and i have no clue took it to my local ski doo dealer and they said it was a battery and it wasnt then they said it was the teather and it was not then they said it was the kill switch and it was not needless to say alot of $$$$$ later im still stuck with a down ski doo

  14. HELP!!!!! I have a 2007 mxz renegade 600 and have a temp and engine light on. The temp guage is reading ok and everything seems to be running properly. these light a bugging me as i cant seem to find out why theyre on. any ideas?

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