Timing a Briggs camshaft

In the midst of all my political.videos I thought it would be good to get back to a howto which is what I intended this channel for anyway lol



7 thoughts on “Timing a Briggs camshaft

  1. Sorry, but the keyway is not the correct for timing the engine. The small index mark on the crankshaft gear is the correct mark for the camshaft mark.

  2. DO NOT DO THIS!!!! Was brought here by a friend who followed his advice and messed his motor up. I had to fix it for him and tell him he had bad information. He has the EXACT motor shown and the poster of this video is DEAD WRONG. If you follow his advice your motor will have a bind in one spot as it is your cam lobe hitting the crank. If you force it you will mess up the poly camshaft and it will be expensive. The motor shown has a removeable crank gear and it has a mark(Dot) on ONE side of the gear. Most all 4 – 6.5 Briggs motors are like this. It faces up so you can see it. I'm guessing poster of this has it upside down and doesn't see it. Line the dot and hash mark (groove) up and it will be correct.

    I can excuse this poster a mistake, What I can't excuse is leaving it up so others can make a costly mistake. That is Sad on your part when you have been alerted that you are wrong. Even if your motor did turn over, you never got it to run with the timing like that so why leave it up? Pathetic, Clay Hawkins.

  3. Hahaha i wonder how many people have been burnt by this video when they got engine all back together and it wouldnt run lmfao!!! this dudes probably caused several meltdowns and trips to the tip when people lost their sht over it lol

  4. Hey Clay. I might have some sympathies with your gun
    control/Obamacare/Hillary issues, etc. But one giant smudge is keeping
    me from joining your massive social movement — your refusal to take
    down the Timing a Briggs camshaft
    video on YouTube. This is an epic fail. Totally incorrect and leading many people astray — including me. The timing mark on the crankshaft gear is a tiny dot which is drilled into one of the teeth of the metal gear (dot appears only on one side of the gear, if you have put it on upside down, you will not see it) — the timing mark is NOT the tooth which is located where the keyway on the gear is ("little rectangular piece right behind that tooth" in your words). There are several other comments on the page which confirm this. I tried it your way and the engine would not crank despite many attempts — because the timing is way off by your method. I had to go back in to the crankcase and line up the timing marks properly. And what do you know, the engine cranked on the first pull. Lost a lot of time, fresh oil, gaskets, etc. in the process. You are doing a huge disservice to mankind by refusing to take down this video.

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