46 thoughts on “Tinkering On Old Briggs Mower

  1. I'm looking to tighten my drive belt on my 170 John Deere tractor. Can you show me how to adjust it? Thanks Bruce for any help.

  2. Ditto on Zippos comment. Good job on the fix and using used parts. The used parts will out last a $40.00 mower. And taking care of someone else less fortunate, that is priceless. I also do it. When I was on patrol in the neighborhoods, I would find old mowers and fix them up and give them to people who couldn't afford one so they could cut their grass. Kept the neighborhood looking nice. Word got out and when someone got s newower, they would give me their old ones so they could be passed on.

  3. Your blade balancing works just as well as balancer you sit on the workbench. I always use a nail to Ballance my blades. Good work. Neighborly of you to fix the lady's mower.

  4. Thanks to you.r videos I have built a new roll cart to put my vice and grinder on it works well gave me more room in the shop all I like is to get one of those lift carts like you have we have a new harberfreight coming it,s about 5 miles from my house.

  5. Hey Bruce, before turning my lawn mower on its side, I remove the gas cap, place a baggie over the whole, and screw the gas cap back on. No leaking on my garage floor.

  6. Hello Bruce! You always make me smile everytime you do movie, show, or music references, so keep it up buddy. I even loved that moment where you did a impact wrench sound effect, your quite talented hehe. WOW, you sure did do a lot of stuff on that engine minus a valve job. WOW, that blade was seriously bent out of shape, and torn up some too, I agree, blades got to go. I hate it when cables seize up, sometimes you can free them up with some lube, but sometimes, you just gotta buy new ones. Also, its not common to find throttle son cheap mowers anymore. These days you have to pay top dollar for a mower with throttle. Good stuff buddy! 🙂

  7. Your old school ways of fixing things are good enough for me ..You are not working on the space shuttle…When I was a kid we had a big nail pounded into a wall stud in the old garage and that was our blade balancer

  8. Bruce very kind of you to help her out I have a couple of customers that are having rough times financially and I have been mow there lawns and keeping up there landscaping at no charge for several years Its amazing that people that never make videos have all sorts of advice for those that do make videos. Yep I would say she hit something pretty good to do that to the blade. Great job and video as always bruce. Have a great weekend!!!

  9. Bruce, I think you are great! Acts of kindness like that makes you a wealthy man in your self esteem and makes friends forever. I have done things similar for years, I am 84, and when I am out in the community I get stopped, kissed and hugged a few times before I get to go home. One of the most rewarding feelings a man can have.

  10. You a great guy Bruce for helping out people 👍👍and that make you feel good inside 😊😊. By you use old parts you save customer money 💵💵💵

  11. My father in law hit a hydrant hidden in the grass in front of their house. Please press the thumbs that I will be able to repair it, first understand what the problems are. Surely the fly wheel key is broken and the blade holder is damaged. Keep you informed and perhaps need some helpful hints.

  12. Great stuff Bruce. Would a red business card be better than the yellow one?………………………..( tongue in cheek ). I use a business card for my GXV and GCV 160 Honda's, but its .25mm cause you know the Honda's are mainly metric, ohh, wait, if I push this button on the digital vernier calliper, it also says .010"……….. ( more tongue in cheek ). Seriously, what goes round, comes round, and with luck, the good deeds and helping hand that you extend to those less fortunate, will one day allow them to do the same for others. Loved the vid on the vege garden bounty. Could just about chew on those spring onions raw……yum.
    Cheers from Downunder again,

  13. there was a time that the paperwork that came with the coil said to use the lid off the box,like you say it isnt the space shuttle. nice of you to help those in need,i try to as well but sometimes it bites me in the butt… at least you got beer money now,lol

  14. To all those people who say "Using used parts to fix it is just asking for problems" are wrong. When fix any engine do you replace everything with new? Plug, coil, carb, blade, pull cord, linkages and springs, etc.? they are all used parts, but you don't replace them. Used parts are used parts. the name of the game is to reuse, reduce, and recycle, and of course save money. whether it be for you, or the customer. Everybody should think about that before saying it again. That's my two cents on it. Great videos Bruce, keep up the great work, you are a good, decent human, who doesn't deserve that criticism. I too use business cards, metal feeler gauges are pain to work around magnets. Josh

  15. I had a mother in law pull that same excuse, "I don't have any money for a mower" after I gave one to her the first time. 2 years she brought it back to me after her son burned it up. I told her I would fix it as long as her son was around to do the repair under guidance. She found money, spent 150 bucks on a new lawn mower and 2 months later tried to get me to work on it. Gave her the same offer, son was too busy to help mom with the mower, and so was I. People will find a way to get what they need, usually after the excuses. I think my blade collection is actually bigger, but you have a great backup cache of coils and misc. Great Vid as always!

  16. Intake manifolds are for automotive engines. Single cylinder small engines have an intake tube. Briggs & Stratton calls this part an intake tube.

  17. Two bolt cable lubers are about $5 usd, delivered. They're all made in China, but for the money they're a good gizmo. Lubricate the entire cable and the linkages with Royal Purple MaxFilm, and you'll prevent any cable binding or rust issues.

    I use one of the Oregon blade balancers that looks like a pyramid on an upright nail. $4.08 usd. A balanced blade really makes a difference. https://www.oregonpartsonline.com/oregon-part-42-100/

    Every decent small engine mechanic uses the paper business card trick. It's always worked fine. And like the saying goes, "if it's not broken, don't fix it."

    That mower ran well after you got finished with it. Have a great weekend sir.

  18. You did good for selling that mower for $40.00 I sell those cheapy push mowers (and good runners) for ~~ $25.00 at the various New England tractor shows; and they were dump/free/recycle bin finds.

  19. Only things that can cause a miss on a briggs, slightly sheared flywheel key, coil, flywheel dirty, and or loosing magnetic strength, spark plug, intake tube cracked, and or loose, carb needs cleaning, valves, gas cap issue, and worse case, internal issues, oh, and I've been using business cards since I was 6, and I'm 50 now, and never had a problem.

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