TOOL REVIEW – Carburetor Adjusting Tool For Small 2 Cycle Engines

This is a must have tool for anyone that fixes small 2 cycle engines that have a Walbro or Zama carburetor. It is Poulan part# 530035560 and is readily available on ebay or amazon.

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46 thoughts on “TOOL REVIEW – Carburetor Adjusting Tool For Small 2 Cycle Engines

  1. I just ordered this tool for work on a Husqvarna leaf blower.  The carb is clean but the unit will only accelerate with the choke partially closed. Hope this helps the problem. Really a pain to get the carb out for cleaning.

    Thanks for sharing

  2. Hey thanks for the videos.. I just ordered one.  Seems weird they would specialize the tool/screw for this special application.. but Oh well I guess.  Try rebuilding a transmission and get back to me on all the specialized tooling needed.. 

  3. I searched several big box stores for these and settled on a 4 piece set with common adjustment paid a little over $30..00 with express shipping. Hope it fixes my unusual problem. I think my Ryobi is putting out too many rpm's It idles fine but rips off the .095 stringer as soon as it hits the grass. I purchased two replacements and they were not the problem.

  4. Good to see an honest video with solid advice.
    Now that its spring and summer I'm sure there will be a gazillion hits on this.
    My experience with the special adjusting tools, of which there are at least two different ones for alternate brand machines.
    The pacman one is what I needed. And to get a good price last summer I had to order from SlowBay and I wasn't happy with the price.
    I now know my personal best option is a hacksaw blade to cut a slot across the screw heads and the surrounding aluminum molded around them. Takes five minutes to do to another machine once you have done it once.

  5. Thanks again Don, I will be ordering a set of these soon. However, I found that I can use a BIC pen (remove the tip and ink refill) and it fits perfectly over the screw. Since I bought a new Husky chainsaw, I will sacrifice my 4218 to learn on.

  6. So Dony..  that's for the regular "d" screw and access hole. 

    What diy solution for the mini/smaller "d" screw and access hole (that is now almost impossible to grab and turn) on my 2010 Echo PB-250 blower?

    For that, Walbro/Echo/Shindaiwa had a "long d" adjusting tool (91059L) but it is not now available except through special circumstances (EPA mandated) from OEM.

  7. Hey don't u know its a federal offense to sell that tool to the general public in the states u should really take this video down

  8. Thanks for the info. Revisted this video as my neighbor tossed his old weed eater (same model as the one in the video) due to it only running for a few seconds, and only if the choke was all the way on. I found that while the carb parts were still good, it was dirty and full of gunk and the like. Cleaned it out, put it together, runs a lot better, but the carb is WAY out of adjustment. Way too lean. Luckily Amazon had the tool for $10 shipped (I live in Indiana, lucky me).

  9. Wow i guess things are more expensive in Canada but I am wondering why. I bought that same tool while replacing a carb on a ryobi 26cc weedeater. The carb was 11 and that tool was another 5 and the brand of carb was not a walbro or zama but a ruixing.

  10. If your in a pinch and don't have the time to order/ go to the store to buy the tool you can try what I did. I used an old Bic pen that was out of ink, I pulled out the point and ink tube and filed the sides near the tip down a little to fit. Then heated the tip with my Bic lighter for a second or two to soften it a bit, pushed it on let it cool a second and turned the screw. I don't know if I just got lucky but if your stuck it's worth a try

  11. Not al;l adjust screws are splined as per this example. Homelite(home depot) screws are 'D' shaped. HD does not stock them. I rigged a piece of tubing to do the job and sure enough…my trimmer works fine now. Odd that so many trimmers need this adjustment after only a few uses. I had to open the left screw 3/4 of a turn…but it works fine now.

  12. Replaced the size of trimmer string to .65 as recommended on the box. It does not rip off the stringer as before, but adjusting is a problem as I don't have a mechanics ear and can't rind proper tuning information. Help!

  13. Hi, I have a polan pro 18in. (42cc) I think.  I need to adjust my carb.  But I don't know if it's a 7 spline or a 21 spline.  Would you know or can you tell me which one I need before I purchase one.  Hope too hear from ya soon.  Thanks.

  14. I needed one of these for my WeedEater leaf blower last fall, and found for a quick fix to use a butt-end wire connector and a regular old screwdriver. The butt-end slipped onto the pin perfectly, and the splines held it in place. I was then able to use your tips to get the blower running great! Thanks for you help Dony – and hopefully this proves to be useful for someone else!

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