Tools Every Lawn Mower Mechanic Should Have Pt.1 – With Taryl

In “A Clumsy Slippers” Taryl’s Tools Part 1 : A Look Inside Taryl’s Toolbox, Taryl, takes a look at tools that every lawn mower mechanic should have. Some tools can be bought and some tools can be made! So let Taryl make you laugh while feeding you information! Now There’s Your Dinner!

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25 thoughts on “Tools Every Lawn Mower Mechanic Should Have Pt.1 – With Taryl

  1. Shucks heck fire boy, I like to make my own tools too. I got stuff that I made years ago and still works great. You got a nice workshop there. Thanks for the video. It's time to grab another one of them there beers. You have a good one now YA Hear me Boy!

  2. Thanks again I just got one of those for checking the rpm in a lot of old tools I just received from USA now I know how to use it

  3. I wanted to thank you. I have an 04 craftsman riding mower with a cv15. I was stumped on so many things and it's used for our church. I didn't have the money for parts but your videos helped me fix the carb with what I had on hand. Hopefully I will figure the belts out soon. Got the off but having trouble finding the size. I measured the v belt and it's about 42 by 1.5, however when I used the parts methods you taught in one if your videos. It said 1.5 by 88. So still confused but now I know how to rebuild the carb and look up parts. Thanks again.

  4. Love the Mork and Mindy suspenders!
    Yeah those tools are pretty necessary, but an ultasonic cleaner is a huge time saver. Cleaning every Tecumseh snowblower carb that's been sitting for years can get old fast, Half inch of varnish.
    You know what I mean Taryl.
    You got bout 40 years experience, I'm at 15 with this stuff. I Have loved it and I have hated it.
    Through all of that shit though,
    I still love it.

  5. What is the brand name of your tachometer that plugs into the spark plug? I like your show. I Like Kohler engine that is in my 68 WH Raider 12.. My JD LA145 has the Briggs sorry to say but it gets the job done..

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