Top Plate, Fuel Pump and Pulse Fitting installation(Predator 212, Go kart racing, Mini bike racing)

Top Plate, Fuel Pump and Pulse Fitting installation

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12 thoughts on “Top Plate, Fuel Pump and Pulse Fitting installation(Predator 212, Go kart racing, Mini bike racing)

  1. This video saved my ass !!
    Bought a kart that the pulse pumped was hooked to the breather port .. couldn’t get it running so I put a new Tillotson and hooked everything up the same way .. and guess what .. ran the same .. like crap was super hard to pull start .. after watching this I went right out there and drilled and added the nipple to the old engine and it runs great .
    Thanks !!!
    You earned this sub!!!

  2. When hooking up a pulse pump where would you take yhe reference for when using a clear hemi valve cover, they dont have a baffle.

  3. Appreciate the video, just bought a "top plate"… they're more difficult to install than you'd expect.
    post edit "more difficult for a newbie"

  4. Many thanks for taking the time to make this, just spent a hour staring and swearing at the plate I got, I got 90% of the way through a GX270 hook up and this cleared up a lot of the 'What the (beep) is that' part discussions!

  5. question on the pulse pump…I am running a stock muffler on my Predator. When i drilled the hole for the barbed fitting ( left side of the cover ) and attached the fuel line, the heat from the muffler is kinda melting the fuel line. I can't put the fuel line on the right side due to the sparl plug. Any suggestions?

  6. So I see all these videos on how to install pulse pumps on these small engines and 2 strokes, what about a 81 Suzuki sp500 4 stroke modded into a street legal drift mini sprint, tank is mounted in the back, Mikuni pulse pump mounted above the carb, should I hook into the intake manifold?

  7. You didn't mention return lines. Can you touch on that next video. My NR Racing 460 was overflowing the carb until I installed a fuel return. (Pulse off intake)

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