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  1. In case you don't have 2 or 4 large pots; or maybe you can't find the right size wrench, Read the entire REPLY submitted by ChaChiVooDoo. Directly from the Toro website: Tip the mower onto its side (air filter side up) to drain the used oil out through the oil fill tube into a drain pan. (Tipping the machine on its side is the recommended method by engine manufacturers.) Toro recommends SAE 30 DETERGENT oil. Regarding the blade, I would recommend that you purchase a new blade from a Toro dealer. Just any 22" inch blade from a box store is probably a cheap import. I have two Toro blades, one on the unit and one spare for sharpening. Also, gasoline begins to deteriorate over time. Avoid gasoline older than 30 days and consider a fuel stabilizer. If you notice the mower is hard to start, start by changing fuel.

  2. Anybody notice when he is underneath removing the Drain Plug the Spark Plug Wire is connected to the Spark Plug!!!? Not good! The reason The Experts say to remove the Plug BEFORE doing ANY work on a lawnmower is cause shorts can happen and start the mower. Then, you might have problems!! That's mostly for Push Button Start mowers. Not the Corded ones. But WHY take the chance?

  3. Clean that oil up on your patio that you dripped all over! And did you take a couple hits of a joint first?? You had to stop and eat dinner??? The cat makes the video your stoned,,,,,,,

  4. Really? "I think it takes a full quart, or maybe less…….I don't know. Do-de-da, there we have it, a full quart." Thankfully, people like ChaChiVooDoo, Perry Knowles and others share the comments that bring real value to these tutorials.

  5. Hey, over filler oil guy, that engine only holds 18-20 OUNCES of oil. Same as most every other push mower on planet Earth. Heck, add another quart. So I can buy it off Craigslist for cheap LOL.

  6. Looks like you use a grinder to sharpen the bade. Blade needs replaced. You forgot to disconnect the plug wire. My gosh, you could of been killed LOL.

  7. wtf was that "let my show you how I drink my juice" thing at the beginning…that was just weird….although telling of the rest of this video…I couldn't watch it to the end.

  8. If you keep over filling that engine by 12 oz, it won't last very long. SMH
    Another "know how" video from someone who doesn't "know how".
    MANUAL……. if you don't have one, download it.

  9. I am the owner of a lawnmower repair shop.Before you tube, every now and then a mower would come in that the homeowner destroyed trying to do it himself.Now its nine out of 10.These mowers are designed to be hard to work on.I watch alot of these videos and i guess some people get lucky.But i promise even if you are a ase certified mechanic its best to leave it to the pros.With parts as high as they are you could spend 50 bucks and still not fix it.A shop could have serviced the whole mower and fixed your problem for 55-70.

  10. It's not only about the engine starting (because you didn't take out the spark plug). It's about the compression. When you moved the blade with your hand the compression may have caused the blade to cycle a bit, Not a lot…just enough to take off your fingers. The compression in the engine is potential energy that can 'snap to' into kinetic (moving) energy. Et voila…hand gone or broken. My friend lost three fingers clearing a snowblower and the compression stroke…you know. Ever see the old movies where planes were started by hand? The propellers were spun by the ground crew. Picture your mower just sitting there waiting for someone to spin that blade. Think smart!

  11. It's very important that the oil is hot when draining it! Otherwise a lot of the sludge still remains and makes the new oil dirty before you ever use it. I usually change my oil right after I mow the lawn. YOU DO HAVE TO BE CAREFUL NOT TO TOUCH THE EXHAUST OR OTHER HOT ENGINE PARTS!

  12. Wtf, "gotta eat supper"? tea time at the first of the video? I'll never get that time back that I've lost watching those seconds! oh, btw no oil filter in mower? just curious

  13. hello Everyone,
    I too have a toro. my propeller was working fine but now it's not. I checked the cord in the handle and see if it needed to be tighten but it's fine. I checked my tire, the y re fine. someone told it might the transmission that is not working and I don't want to. fixing it might cost me around 150  (parts and labor). any thought on how to determine what s wrong with it? Thanks

  14. Helpful lighthearted approach.  Don't forget to check the dipstick as you add oil if not sure about the exact amount. Like the commentary from some of the folks. Like your explanation of removing the plug wire. was interested in the commentary about why to remove. New use for my plant pots! Ciao!

  15. http://media.toro.com/…/3YearGuaranteedtoStartwpm...

    $330.00 cash for new Toro 20314 – 6 January 2012

    $30.00 for prepayment world not start – 4 August 2014
    $50.50 paid to pick up PAID – Would not Start again.
    $126.67 paid when delivered to my home.

    Bill to my home for $46.17 for which Kitty said to disregard on 4 September 2014 @2:51 PM

  16. Good video John. What is the exact model of your machine? I have the exact same machine ( as seen on your video) Toro model 2006- serial 220602447 and it does not have a drain plug and only takes 20 oz according to the manual.

  17. August 19, 20014   I Enjoyed the How to Video, but  push type lawn mowers do not generally hold a Quart of oil, I just did my Toro 6.5 GTS and it was at the full mark on the dip stick "screwed in" at 20 ounces (use the ounce scale on side of bottle of oil, just fill until you get near the 12 ounce mark, [32 oz -20 oz into motor leaves 12 oz] in your bottle), be SURE to use the dip stick to check that you have not OVERFILLED the crank case, if you over fill your mower you can ruin the motor…Thanks, Perry.

  18. I'm concerned about my lawn mower that I returned to Zephyrhills where I purchased new. I would not start and I am apprehensive about the service that I will receive from this place. It's been over two weeks and I haven't heard anything regarding the warranty and oil change with my mower… Please be advised of this and I might regretfully might be calling your company… I have always loved Toro and have owned various Toro Machines but I am not confident about the customer service at this location. Thanks

  19. Except for the air filter , the MFG does not recommend changing the oil the way this guy shows.  What a waste of time and never saw anything as ridiculous in my life.  Watching this and using flower pots to change the oil, what a joke. 

  20. What happened to changing out the blade?  > Oil: SAE 30, 20.oz. (591mL) < You overfilled the oil and didn't check your dip stick, nor cleaned the debris off the dip stick. 

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