23 thoughts on “Toro CCR Snowblower carburetor rebuild – How to troubleshoot and repair small engine carburetor

  1. I just went down to the dumpster to throw away some trash and there it was. A Toro CCR Powerlite-E that someone left there. I took it home and tried starting it.  No luck so I tried some starting fluid and that worked.  So I am going to clean the carb and see if I get the same results as you did.  I am a retired Heavy Equipment Mechanic and I must say that you did a great job with your video.  Keep up the good work. 

  2. I got the snow blower going.  When I took the carb apart I realized that the float had fuel in it when I shook it.  So I cleaned the float off with some steel wool and found a very small crack which I was able to solder up after I worked the fuel out of the float.  I checked the fuel passages then put the carb back together.  Runs great and the electric start works also.  Can't beat a dumpster find that works this good which only took me less than an hour to fix.  Thanks again for the video instruction.

  3. Just got me a new "Toro CCR 3650", from a garage sale for $20..
    Seller said "the engine is blown"..  Seems he ran it the first 3-times without oil in the gas.. When I pull the start cord, it moves out an inch, then there's a "clunk"..
    I release the cord, then pull again, and it goes out another inch and "clunk"..
    I'm guessing it's a "snapped con-rod jamming under cylinder base", which probably means the engine is thht-nuked.. but there are a lot of valuable still new parts on it.. I'm guessing he tried to get it repaired on warranty, but they tricked and caught him on declaring "using straight gas", and disqualified his claim like "dropping a hot coal"..

    Couldn't find a rebuild video nor bench manual on the Net..
    Please link me to the proper instructions for checking and rebuilding a tiny abused RTECK engine..
    If I don't gets it fixed I'll be parting it out.. I'm bets you could use the good parts cheap..

    I hopes the cylinder-wall isn't destroyed, but I expects it's gouged all to h..

  4. Great job. Very informative and complete. Even though I think I know how, I still watch all the carb rebuild videos. I always pick up a new trick or two. Laughed when I saw you blow into the fuel inlet, I couldn't find the seat that blew out like you did. 'Experience is the ability to recognize a mistake when you make it again.'

    Thanks for sharing

  5. I got a Toro 2400 E and I cleaned out the carb and it has a new spark plug.   When it runs the idle climbs really high, Is this normal?  How high should the idle be?

  6. Thank you for the great video. I have had trouble with the carb leaking and rebuilt it with a new float, seat, needle, gasket ect and followed your video to ever detail.  As soon as I hooked the fuel line back up…it immediately started leaking from the bowl again.  It is literally driving me nuts.  Any suggestions b4 i throw this thing in the trash.  

  7. Recently my blower would not start.  I took off the float bowl and it looked clean.  I was told sometimes the pin just sticks and put it back together. I did so and it ran again, but it sounded like the RPM's were high.  Now after using it a few times, it starts, runs high and then stops – it won't stay running.  Any ideas??

  8. How the needle go into the seat it has a small spring/clip on it which way is it supposed to be oriented? My needle stays close and fuel will not go into the bowl.

  9. Thanks for this video bud, it's exactly two years after you posted it. Recently picked up one of these same Toyo snowblowers for $60 off craigslist, she ran pretty bad until I figured out the carb needed cleaning. This video helps a lot.

  10. I have one that looks just like this. Toro CCR 1000E. This video was very helpful, but I finally opted to buy a new after market carburetor because my float had a hole in it and rebuild kit was about the same price as a new carburetor on eBay. While I agree that it does not have a in-line fuel filter, it does have a very nice filter in the tank. In my opinion much of the grit and dirt entered through the carburetor breather which is unprotected. (at least on mine.) Do you agree or disagree? I have plans to buy a piece of breather foam and cut it to fit snugly in breather hole. Do like this idea? Why or why not? Thanks again for great video. Oh, and nice work bench. I told my brother you must have concrete blocks in side it to keep it from tipping.

  11. Great video! Very helpful. I followed your work step by step and the machine is running great. Thanks for doing it in real time, it made it much easier to understand. Again, thank you.

  12. Velvethamma… I have a Toro CCR1000E I got it running about 2 months ago. Now it doesnt want to start and gas leaks out of the carburetor. when I prime it I can see the carburetor fill with gas through the front open of the carburetor. Does it need a good cleaning or a repair kit?

  13. The part I wanted to see was how the vane assy attaches to the link governor. I am restoring a model 38195 and when I pulled the carb off the vane assy came with it. not sure how to reinstall it. I inserted the vane via a shaft right in to a hole in the engine casing but no matter how I position the link the vane rubs against the inside of the pull start housing. Any ideas?

  14. Velvet. On/off switch on my ccr2000 seems to be itermittent. Is the switch supposed to be open or closed when it is in the ON position? I have spark when the switch is totally removed from the circuit – i.e. circuit is open. Thanks. em4bartz@aol.com

  15. So I have a Toro Powerlite, which has the same engine as this one. I started it up today with new fuel. It started within 3 pulls. After that, I hung it on the wall and noticed a strong smell of gas after a few minutes. After setting it down, I found out that gas leaked out of the carb, and pooled at the bottom of the snow blower. I cleaned the carb because I thought the float was stuck, but it didn't help. Could it be the gasket like you thought might leak? Seemed fine when I took it off but it didn't fit back in easily.

  16. Excellent video! Very helpful. My Craftsman carb looks very similar to yours. Is there anything you would do to adjust the main jet meter (what you screwed into the carb bowl) in order to make adjustments to the engine running rich/lean? Like, turn it 1.5 turns out from the seat? I also noticed we both don't have an idle meter in our carbs, so it doesn't look like you could even make that adjustment either.

  17. I've got the same snow blower and couldn't get it started for our first big snow this year. Took it apart and cleaned the carb out with the help of your video. Running like a champ now. Thanks so much for taking the time!!

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