1. If i had broken something that belonged to someone else i would replace it with new, those people have no morals/guilt at all 🙁

    The owner could do with cleaning his mower, it shows lack of care for his tools.

  2. can you do a updated tool box tour im a small engine tech to and i what to see what kind of new tools and diagnostic stuff i have been a tech for 1and a half years with all nice snap on stuff thanks

  3. I work on comm. toro 21s all the time but I have never redone a transmission on one I probably have about 40-50 transmissions laying around needing mainly 3gear fixed are they worth rebuilding? thx in advance joe from Fort Worth..Nice Vid

  4. I remember a older toro com from 90s I think with Kawasaki motor and metal recoil housing its been a long time since I seen one but those things were bulletproof

  5. yes , that's the one Suzuki 2 stroke . landscapers loved them could run them for hours and hours on end. I remember now thanks Jeremy

  6. Hey, Jeremy. Great video. I have this same model number and I'm wondering if you know how to increase the RPMs on this mower? Mine is working excellent but it running a little slow compared to the Hondas and Suzuki ones our company uses. It's the heaviest 21 I've ever used. Great mower though. Thanks

  7. Hi Jeremy. I just bought a Toro Commercial 22178 with the Kaw FJ180V that has this same problem of surging. I did notice on mine that the surge spring was not attached to anything so I attached it to where the throttle linkage is connected to. But once I start the mower I still get the surge. Should I try the carb cleaning and see if that helps.

  8. I have this same mower engine in my shop. I was just asked to replace the drive shaft. To work on the drive shaft I had the mower tipped forward about 45 degrees. When I got done with the drive shaft install it won't run worth a damn. Low RPMs and missing, and weak. The carb was full of oil, so I cleaned it all out, cleaned the spark plug, adjusted the valves and made sure the push rods weren't bent. It shows 90 pounds of compression. I'm guessing it has compression release. Has the correct amount of oil and the air filter is clean and dry. has fresh gas in it. What the hell is wrong with this thing?? 

  9. Jeremy my son in law has 2 Toro FJ 180V KAI mowers, (22198) both start ok but the blades take a while to get going and when they start cutting both mowers stall out. No one around here knows anything about them, he took them to 3 places. (near Windsor, Ont.) Wondering if you'd have any idea where to start looking? I'm not sure how many hours they'd have on them, they have a landscaping business. Mowers were replaced and these 2 Toro's have just been sitting in the shop  for a year or more now. Thanks!

  10. I found that imstalling a brand new carburetor saves time almost always, trying to rebuild something that's so old is tedious and cumbersome, and doesn't always fix the problem.

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