Toro Lawn Mower Battery Replacement #106-8397

This video provides step-by-step repair instructions for replacing the battery on a Toro lawn mower. The most common reason for replacing the mower battery is when the battery keeps draining.

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All of the information for this mower battery replacement video is applicable to the following brands:
Toro, Lawn Boy

Tools needed: Phillips head screwdriver

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12 thoughts on “Toro Lawn Mower Battery Replacement #106-8397

  1. my mower has an extra plastic piece ,the video does not show it ,which makes it very hard to get back in ,its very tight ,do I reall y need that other protective cover

  2. Failed. Battery tray cannot be reinstalled. Off to the shop I go. Wires too short for installation. Repair or replace? Replace mower.

  3. [New 2016 20334 mower.] My problem was getting everything back into the battery compartment. The instructions said that the fuse needed to be installed before the starter would work properly, so I pulled the door out to do that. Everything tumbled out in a jumble without giving me a chance to see the proper positioning to put it back. Mine is different from this in that there is an additional plastic housing that fits around the battery. I could not figure out how to re-assemble it in a way that would let the door/shelf slide back in. I made note of the proper positioning in this video and will have another go at it. There was no tape on the outside of the compartment, so I will duct tape over that. I hope I am able to get it back together with everything in place, but I may have to omit the additional cover. After all this hassle I found that there was already a fuse installed, and the fuse taped to the charger box is a spare.

  4. My battery compartment is in this location.   There was no tape sealing the battery shelf.   I'm guessing grass and dirt has found it's way into the shelf and under the battery.   I can not remove the door or shelf to get to the battery.   Any ideas how I can get the shelf out?

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