Toro Lawn Mower Cable Brake Replacement

How to replace the cable brake on a Toro lawn mower. Without this, the engine won’t run. It’s easy to replace.
Get one from Amazon:
If you want to find the exact part, look at the model number of your mower (usually near the bag connection) @



11 thoughts on “Toro Lawn Mower Cable Brake Replacement

  1. Thanks Tomahawk for the Amazon link. Our model # isn't visible anymore, so all we had to go on was "Toro 6.5 hp Personal Pace Recycler." The 104-8676 looks like the part we need (looks like the one in the video).

    Anyone know the model # of that mower for future reference? (model of engine is LV195EA)

  2. Dude you're wrong.  A push mower will run without the blade brake.  I removed the blade break from my push mower because it's such an inconvenience!

  3. It's called a cable traction, part #105-1844. There are videos showing it, but it's the exact same thing as this one. Only easier

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