Toro Lawn Mower Not Self Propelling? Replace Mower Belt #115-4669

This video provides step-by-step repair instructions for replacing the belt on a Toro lawn mower. The most common reason for replacing the belt is when the lawn mower wheels aren’t rotating.

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Tools needed: socket wrench, nutdriver

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23 thoughts on “Toro Lawn Mower Not Self Propelling? Replace Mower Belt #115-4669

  1. Great video!!! Looked a bit intimidating at first, but was really pretty easy. Took me less than an hour. A couple issues I think may be worth mentioning. First, the blade driver on my mower was stuck and impossible to remove using conventional methods. Bought a $10 gear puller, partially reinserted the bolt that secures the blade for the gear puller to put pressure on, and driver came off pretty easily. Second, as a previous post mentioned, the screws holding the rear belt guide cover are square drive screws requiring a special bit. Third, the drive cable did not stretch enough, and I had to disconnect the cable from the handle to get enough slack to reattach it to the transmission. FYI, my mower is a five year old model 20332.

  2. I have a Toro 20333, about 4 years old, and there are a lot more pieces to remove to get the belt off which I can't figure out. All the videos show this same setup. Any one have any experience replacing the belt on one of this model?

  3. Spot on! As others have noted, sure would have been nice to have replaced the belt on a clean mower & in an air conditioned garage! But… I was successful in replacing it myself using your video. Thanks!

  4. great video – I watched it, ran out and changed my belt without having to refer back to the video…note to self though, start the process before the sun sets! Its harder by flashlight

  5. Nice video, easier to work on a clean machine I assume… I replaced my belt with the Toro part number for my mower… but the belt is Really tight! There is no more "neutral", as the transmission is always pulled by the tight belt. I have to run behind the Personal Pace machine without being able to stop! Obviously, I've missed something. Is there a way to adjust the tension between blade shaft and trans. pulley??? Or, do I go buy another belt, and make sure it's a bit longer? Thanks!

  6. Does this belt affect the turning of the blade at all? Sometime when I engage the blade it takes awhile to start spinning. It also bogs down unless I go super slow.

  7. Great Video I have same mower same problem fixing it this week with the help of this video. I am going to save $75 service fee by fixing this my self, so for the cost of the belt I will be mowing again THANKS!

  8. Great video. I have a rather new Toro and the drive belt replacement went easily. I have a newish model and the shield on the transmission is attached with square drive screws. I needed to run to the hardware store to get a #2 square bit, but that was no problem. Maybe people with newer Toros might want to check their toolbox before starting.

  9. Thanks for this video! My Toro Personal Pace model 20017 (about 10 years old) was nearly identical to the model in this video so I was able to follow your clear instructions easily. The belt shield and rear baffle on mine were a little different but close enough to figure out how to remove them. The under-side of mine is definitely not shiny like this one! It took me about 2 hours from start to the point where I got it all back together and adjusted the linkage to get the right tension on the v-belt. What slowed me down was that the rear wheels on mine would not rotate out of the way due to the ends of the pivot rod on the rear door flap. I think the rear bag (which I don't use) might use the ends of those rods as attachment points. At any rate, it was a slow task but still possible to remove the bolts holding the rear baffle by using two 1/2 inch wrenches. Thanks again for the help, my wife thinks I'm a big hero now!

  10. This was very helpful — thank you. The Toro service manual shows a Lawn Boy model where the transmission access works differently, so this was invaluable.

  11. Thanks…this video was very helpful…  My Mom's was a little different as she had an electric start and the bolts for the plastic belt housing underneath were under the battery housing.  Your video made the job go quickly…   Thanks again…

  12. Great video. I bought a new belt and replaced it as shown. Now the belt is engaging without tension on the cable so the self-propel is always on. I removed the spring from the transmission bracket and it still does it. Bad belt? Too small? I used my model number when ordering….

  13. I actually was able to do it even easier.  I was unable to break the bolt to the blade, so I was cut the old belt off, slipped the new one over the blade, completely removed the bracket under the blade instead of losening it so that the belt would go on.  Followed the remaining steps and I DID IT MYSELF!!  Thanks for you help with this!!

  14. My Toro Personal Pace pulls fine on flat ground but on hills there is barely any assist.  Is it probable the belt has stretched? Any suggestions.  Thank you, Steve OHIO

  15. My Toro self-propel system stops working a few days, followed the video and I was able to find the belt was in in the pulley, off track. Probably will replace the belt anyway. Great Video!

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