Toro Lawn Mower Won’t Self Propel? Replace Drive Belt #117-1018

This video provides step-by-step instructions for replacing the drive belt (or v-belt) on Toro lawn mowers. The most common reason for replacing the drive belt is when the mower’s wheels don’t turn.

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Additional mower repair, troubleshooting tips, help with finding your model number, and part replacement videos:

All the information in this drive belt replacement video is applicable to the following brands: Toro.

Tools used: ratchet and socket, multi screwdriver.

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46 thoughts on “Toro Lawn Mower Won’t Self Propel? Replace Drive Belt #117-1018

  1. Only have used this twice so far and it has performed perfectly.>>>    Following previous review advice, I purchased a 100 ft 12/3 extension cord. This is perhaps the only negative since the cord cost over 50% of the mower. However, I am very satisfied with My lawn Mower.

  2. Morons required square drive bits to change a lawnmower drive belt. Glad they weren't asked to design anything important, or complicated.

  3. Remove the SCREWS holding the belt cover. There are indeed two; one is hidden within the blade well, tucked up against a corner. Easy to miss under even a thin coating of accumulated crud. Yet another craptastic design feature from Toro.

  4. hi i have a mountfield self propeled lawn mower
    when you lift the mower of the ground and engage the rear roller the roller drives
    as soon as you put the mower down the roller locks up
    help please

  5. Thank you! I am a first time lawn mower owner – My father never taught me things like this before he passed away and afterwards my Mom and me relied on a lawn care service. Now that I am on my own, I need to mow my own lawn. I was so proud when I bought my first lawn mower but now the self propel has stopped working. I could see that the belt is NEARLY FRAYED IN TWO.. but I didn't even know how to access it! Waiting for my mower to cool.. then it's out to the yard to try to get the frayed belt off so I can take it into my home depot (Which I used to work at.. but I was a cashier!).

  6. Can you do a video for a front drive Toro since this one is for a rear drive? Alot looks similar, but the belt & drive pulley is on the top of the deck. Thanks.. still helpful!!

  7. I was reading in my manual on my Toro and mine mentions nothing of a "belt" so how do I know if it does or doesn't have a belt, and yes its a self propelled Toro Model # 20041 its 15 yrs old.

  8. Thanks was a great help for the front drive on an AWD model. The rear belt is way more challenging. btw Toro should stop using square drive and other non-standard head screws.

  9. I have the exact same Toro lawnmower with same problem…I always remember Toro to be the top-of-the-line lawnmower product…..not anymore…just as flimsy as any other model…..

  10. Brand new lawnmower used just once , self propelled stopped working
    thank you Toro for the ball breaking exercise to replace belt

  11. This made fixing this a breeze. Took longer to go to home depot to get the belt than it did to do the work. Thanks for this!!

  12. Hi, I was wondering whether, if I gave you my serial number, you might be able to tell me the sizes of the screws and bolts I'll be dealing with to change this drive belt? I think that one e of your staff members said in the comments that "maybe" a torx T25 or T30 might be necessary. I have a T25, but not a T30. Don't wanna start something I can't finish quickly. I saw nothing on the mower that said "model number," but my mower is a Toro 22 inch recycler, front drive, and the "serial number" is the following: 0906195664372. The Build Date is 06-09. I've noticed different videos, but this one seems to look like mine. I'd appreciate it if you might verify that, as I'm not known for my mechanical skills and don't want to start off on the wrong foot. Thanks 🙂

  13. My Toro Front wheel drive mower has a serious problem. Every time I start my mower the rear left wheel is ripped to shreds. Any ideas?

  14. The drive belt on my toro xl-380 ride on mower seems to be slipping (or loose). How do I tighten it or do I need to buy a new belt? Are there any links to help videos I can watch?

  15. I replaced the front transmission on my 22 toro as well as the belt. I see the front wheels spin forward while they are in the air but as soon i put the mower down the – front wheels stop spinning/no self propelled. Any ideas.

  16. Is it the belt when it suddenly becomes very loose and won't turn the front wheels? I ran over some thick stuff and the wheels suddenly stopped working.

  17. Great video, but what kind of socket is used to remove the screw that is holding the transmission bracket?  I thought it would be a regular screw but it is not. Thanks.

  18. Well, so far there is only 1 screw holding the assembly to the deck, but something else is certainly holding it.  May be an older (or newer) model than the one shown in the video.  Appears to me that I have to take the wheel off to get that cover off.

  19.  I just replaced the transmission in my front drive 22" toro recycler and the cable that pulls the transmission forward to engage the belt is too loose so the belt doesn't engage.  Is there a way to tighten it??  Everything went back together exactly as it came apart so I'm a bit clueless on what needs to be looked at or adjusted.

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