Toro Personal Pace Lawn Mower Model 20332 Carburetor Cleaning – Part II – June 15, 2014

This is Part II of taking the carburetor off and cleaning it to find out why this Toro just want start anymore. Not getting fuel something in the gas tank has gotten into the carburetor did not see anything visually very clean carburetor but Part III will be the startup.



18 thoughts on “Toro Personal Pace Lawn Mower Model 20332 Carburetor Cleaning – Part II – June 15, 2014

  1. I like that your videos are educational so i know if there is something wrong with my mower i can come and look at some of you videos.   

  2. I was having a problem with my same model mower running really slow or conking out.  I ended up just taking the Carburetor bowl off and letting what little gas drain out.  After I cleaned it up I put the bowel back on and it fired up perfect!  Thanks a million!

  3. Hey buddy how's it going ?
    Great videos
    I'm looking for some more help after seeing this vid and many others of yours.
    I have this model toro at least very similar 7.25hp and personal pace as well. It's runny ok, but I think my belt is loose. I hear it and when I last sharpened the blade I noticed there was a ton of slack. How to adjust or fix this? Oh and where the hell is the oil drain bolt? Looked under and can't find. Mine is super dirty and definitely has done its time and work in. It's due for oil change. Where's is the drain bolt. Thanks a ton

  4. I have the same exact model, with the same problem, and this helped fix it!!!  The mower was fairly new, a Sandy replacement.  It all of a sudden wouldn't start.  Put new gas and spark plug, but it wouldn't turn over.  Took apart the carb according to the video.  Same thing, mine was spotless!!!  Made sure to clean the jets and any hole opening with a needle, and sprayed plenty of carb cleaner.  After reassembly, a few pulls and it started right up!!  Thanks for the video!!! Much appreciated!!!

  5. Everyone listen up! Are you having trouble starting the Toro Personal Pace Lawn Mowers which doesn't start. I'm sure you watched this video which isn't of much help (but some).  You are complaining that your Toro will crank with a little gas placed inside the carburetor from the filter side (outside), which will run only a few seconds. First, take the carburetor loose from the engine (which isn't complicated), take the gas line loose from carburetor (don't take the gas tank off).  Next take the float bowl off and turn the carburetor upside down and look into the tube that the plastic float encircles.  Look down into the tube and you will see a brass seat with a flat screwdriver slot.  Unscrew this slot (which is a jet), take this out and shake the carburetor and another small brass tube (around 1 1/2 inches will slide out).  Take these two items and clean the first one out with a small (fine) wire in it's center and do the same with the second tube on all the small holes.  Wash or spray these two items with carburetor cleaner then, use some air to blow them out.  Next, place back in reverse order and your Toro will crank on the first pull.  

  6. Wow, thanks for sharing this video!  I have a different model, but looked about the same.  I changed my spark plug, but it still wouldn't start.  It did start after spraying in some starting fluid though, so I had hope.  I don't think I would have taken my mower apart without seeing your video, especially worrying about the fuel spill since I didn't think about removing the tank too.  It was nice to see how easily the tank came off and wasn't a mess!
    Like yours, I didn't see any gunk in the carb, but I cleaned out the jets with a paperclip and it started right up!
    I'm a hero now (although I will have to mow the lawn tomorrow) and saved a few hundred on buying a new mower!
    Thanks again!

  7. I have taken mine apart several times, same problem.
    This time I will be putting a cheap inline fuel filter on the hose between the fuel tank and carburetor.  Find a place it will fit and cut that hose and don't forget to clamps. 

  8. Hello, my toro starts when cold but it won't start after the first bag change can you make a video on this same model I couldn't find any video on this model about the problem, I'd appreciate it ,thanks

  9. @mountainbikekayak Great videos I have learned so much. I like MT Biking too. I bike at Chicopee Woods in Oakwood, GA. They have about 20 miles of single track. Check it out if your are ever in Georgia. I have a Toro 20332 and I stored it for about 1 year w/o cranking before I knew about ethanol :(. Thanks to your videos I successfully cleaned the carburetor and replaced it. The engine will run for about 3 seconds and then quit when I use carb cleaner in the air intake. I have done the removal and clean twice (2nd time more aggressive cleaning with pins) but I have the same results. I think I am going to try buying a new carburetor for 30$ and try that what do you think?

  10. Excellent video. My mower ran for a bit and then died again. I'm guessing there is dirt in the gas tank. Thanks for your expertise and making the video!

  11. you have some of the most professional, detailed and easy to follow repair videos. Thanks for taking the time to make them.

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