Toro Personal Pace Trash Find Model 20333 Runs, Broken Self Propelled Unit – April 14, 2017

This is a trash find Toro Recycler 22″ Personal Pace with the Blade engagement feature. It will start but the self propelled cable is broken and the self propelled unit gear box appears to be frozen. After starting it the belt starting make noise and smoking as well. Not sure its worth fixing as it but has good parts on it.



20 thoughts on “Toro Personal Pace Trash Find Model 20333 Runs, Broken Self Propelled Unit – April 14, 2017

  1. So sorry I bought a Toro Personal Pace. First, learned I hate rear-propelled walk behinds. A front propelled walk behind is much easier to maneuver, especially when pulling back, lifting up and sliding around obstacles, etc. Second, the Personal Pace is garbage, I should have listened to my Spidey Sense when the Toro dealer was describing it. A traditional full self-propel is the best (with front propel) and with larger rear wheels. Third, the adjustment for the Personal Pace is a terrible design, plain stupid. And it never really has an ideal setting or adjustment, it either jerks too fast off the start or it never really propels…you end up pushing 99%. Forth, when backing up, pulling back…as you've probably heard, the rear wheels are almost always locked…they say the trick is to quite a bit before you actually need to stop and pull back is you need to fully stop, fully pull the Personal Pace handle up, stop, maybe push it forward again a little to loosen or disengage the propel mechanism, then try to pull back. What a bunch of garbage.

  2. not sure why it would burn the belt. with the broken cable there should be no tension on the trans belt. something may be jammed in there or it is the blade brake clutch that is smoking. either way you got a good engine and other parts for free.

  3. I have a 2009 20333 that recently had the same cable problem. The cable housing is plastic and I think it eventually weakens and snaps after a number of years. I paid about $20 on ebay to replace it. I also replaced the belt recently. It is not an easy job because of the spin stop configuration. I have some good pictures of what everything looks like under that cover and will be glad to email them to you if you will advise me how to contact you.

  4. Most likley its just assembled wrong. I serviced mine, replaced a broken cable. Took me almost a week of searching online before i realized the cable was assembled wrong. It is not intuitive at all. Complicated system, but reliable and works well when its all assembled properly.

  5. the belt must be jammed around the blade adapter. you at least got a good engine. I've come across a few toros that engines are still good but trans goes first.

  6. Crazy that you found this in the trash, not that old! Have you ever heard of the Toro Lawn Striping System? Makes your lawn look like a baseball field! Bought one but it just isn't impressive in my small lawn. Hope you have a nice Easter!

  7. Hi Cliff, nice find! runs great, might be something simple like a bad pulley? I hope you & your family have a happy Easter!

  8. I have a toro 20332 with the Briggs & Stratton 7.25 engine on it. The engine had no compression so I junked it but still have the frame. I might have a self propelled unit for it. If so I'll get back to you on it.

  9. What a great trash find! Would be a good parts mower if you decide not to fix it since you get a lot of those Toros. I wonder if something broke in the trans and is wedged inside to cause the pulley to freeze up, that's why the belt was smoking because that pulley is frozen and it was bound up. And it might have taken the cable with it causing it to be broken too, who knows. But at least it's a good runner, at the very least you could take off the belt and sprockets that drive the rear wheels and turn it into just a push mower. Many options!

  10. that grinding might be from one of the gears on one of the wheels. i have a 20332 that has that same sound when you push it when its not running and its one of the wheels with stipped gears. they are like $20 at home depot.

  11. Do you drive around and look for these units on garbage day?
    Amazing you are able to find so many lawnmowers…I cannot believe people discard things so easily

  12. I had one of those with the same model number. I also got it for free. There was no bag though. The only thing wrong with it was the cable needed re-tensioned for the personal pace and that's why they got rid of it. Lol. Looks like you're rolling coal with your push mower. Lol. Find a parts mower.

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