Toro Recycler Lawn Mower Model 20334 – DIY Carburetor Repair Not Running Correctly – Nov. 11, 2016

This is a repair video on a Toro Recycler with electric start that just started barely running while cutting the lawn one day. It began revving up and down. This shows how to remove the carburetor and gas tank. Some small trash in the tank and carburetor cleaned that also replaced the rubber seat where the needle allows fuel to flow. Did a reassembly adding fresh fuel that has corrected this Electric Start Toro!



29 thoughts on “Toro Recycler Lawn Mower Model 20334 – DIY Carburetor Repair Not Running Correctly – Nov. 11, 2016

  1. … look for the obvious: small holes in a small brass 'jet' at the bottom of the gasoline bowl. The bowl and the jet plug should be physically cleaned and then flushed with solvent. You want any debris removed completely. Then reassemble and use only CLEAN, fresh fuel. A mower is not a car!

  2. First of all, many thanks for posting this great video! My Toro had the same symptoms and was able to follow the video to access the carburetor. However, I was concerned about the gaskets needing to be replaced so went to Amazon and found not only the gaskets but the entire carburetor for about $12! The only glitch I ran into was a small spring that I wasn't sure where it came off from and could not locate it in the YouTube. I took a chance and hooked it to where I thought it might go and now the Toro works like new!

  3. You can try just removing and cleaning the carburetor bowl first, before you take off the entire carburetor. I found the bowl and its bolt to be quite dirty after a couple years of disuse. After a good brushing of the accumulated lacquer and cleaning the hole out in the 1/2" retaining bolt, my Toro started right up.

  4. I drained all the fuel and gave my carb a good cleaning an now it's reving way too high….I don't see a throttle adjusting screw on this style carb…where is that??? anyone know ??

  5. Hi you use to comment a lot on my other channel, mowersandstuff this is my newer channel so perhaps you would like to have a look, lots of mower stuff on there. Hope your keeping well and still searching out them mowers🙂👍

  6. You just saved me $400! I have same mower. 2 days ago I was using it to chop up/bag leaves. It was working fine, I stopped it to empty the bag. When I restarted, it was revving up and down 4 or 5 times and would die. I checked gas and cleaned air filter, restarted and same thing. I was about to get in my truck to go to Home Depot to buy the Honda push mower (because I have 6" of fallen leaves to deal with). Something told me to check you tube and your video was the 2nd one I saw. I didn't have an overhaul kit, but I did remove and clean the carburetor (It was pretty dirty). Put it back together and it runs great again. Problem now is it's raining (alot). The leaves will have to wait until after Christmas. Thanks much for posting this.

  7. Love it works great>>> yes power cord is a little bit of a hassle but much less of a hassle than gasoline and funked-up carburetors and pull starting a cold engine or relying on a battery to start a gas powered unit and much to my surprise it does work in more than 12 inches of snow I say go get you one

  8. Brilliant video, thanks so much for uploading. I have the 20956 Toro also with electric start and it's running poorly as yours was so I'll be servicing the carb as you did. Do you have a link to the carb service kit you bought and the small seat in particular? Thanks again.

  9. Still a noisy mower. You'd think they'd have made these things quieter by now. Think I'll go electric when mine finally gives up the ghost.

  10. Thanks for the video! I have a Toro lawnmower (7.25, 190cc) that wasn't working and stalling a lot. I wasn't sure about trying to remove the carburetor and cleaning it, but your video made things easy to understand. Thanks to you, my lawnmower is working again!

  11. Put an inline fuel filter on. It doesn’t take too much dirt to clog up the jet. Most ride on
    mowers have the filter, I am surprised push mowers are not factory equipped with a filter.
    The Honda engines have a filter in the gas line that connects to the tank. It is in the fuel line and you can’t see it. I am surprised Briggs never did that.
    Very nice instructional video by the way!

  12. Mine is taken apart on a work bench right now, watched this video and I am fairly sure its the part that the linkage connects to on mine is stuck. It turns but with effort. If I cant clean it tomorrow prbably ordering a new carb.

  13. My electric start button isn't working pull handle starts it right up. I can hear a click when I push the button any ideas?

  14. Excellent video. Thanks for taking the time to do it. I was able to follow your instructions to the letter and got a great result. My first time exploring the insides of a carburetor 🙃

  15. be very careful with those autochoke carbs the little piece that holds the vane can snap really easily…. what I have run into with a mower running like this can also be a slightly sheared flywheel key…. get job.

  16. Hi Cliff, that Toro runs great now! I've never seen a seat swell up like that before, do you think it's the ethenol in the gas that caused it?

  17. Nice easy fix, I can't believe how bad it ran in the beginning. I've watched so many of your videos that I'm wanting a Toro to replace my Victa now…lol

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