Toro Recycler Model 20371 Lawn Mower Kohler 6.75 Engine – Broken? – April 18, 2015

Bought this off our local Craigslist advertised as would not start and almost new condition Toro Recycler. It has the Kohler 6.75 Gross Torque Engine on it. The gas smells really bad but a full tank also discovered the front wheel drive belt is off. Got this to start pushing a little carburetor cleaner in it but the Self Propelled is stuck on. Runs great a follow up video will be on the Self Propelled.



22 thoughts on “Toro Recycler Model 20371 Lawn Mower Kohler 6.75 Engine – Broken? – April 18, 2015

  1. Have the same model. Wouldn't start this year due to bad gas (didn't run it dry before the end of season.) Cleaning out the carburetor did the trick.

  2. have the 2013 model of this mower and the auto choke on these is one of the biggest reasons they either don't start (choke stuck open) or dies during mowing (choke closes).  A couple tips for anyone with these Kohler 149CC engines- put a fuel line shutoff on it, turn shutoff to OFF then run carb dry after mowing, put some B-12 Chemtool fuel system cleaner  IN EVERY TANKFUL and use carb cleaner spray on the outside of the carb frequently as the whole autochoke linkage gets dirty and sticks either closed or open.

  3. I just want you to know how grateful  I am to you for putting this video up.  I have this lawnmower and could not start it.  I found this and did what you did and now it starts like a charm.  Thank you so much!!


  5. ive had my Toro for about 3 summers. The first summer, she ran great. Started with first pull every time. The next spring came and the mower would not start. Try and try,. but would not start!. I used new gas (none from the previous season) but no luck. I even changed the spark plug, which i shouldnt have had to, but did anyway. Finally ended up taking it to a local repair place that charged me $75 to "tune it". What they did, i didnt know nd didnt care at that point. It was working and i was happy. Started the first pull the rest of the summer. This time, I was determined to get this mower started on my own. I tried and tried again, with no luck. I saw your video and you gave me the idea about the carburator cleaner (dont know why i had not thought of that before, but hind sight is 20/20, right?. After spraying some into the carburator, the first pull it started (but died right away because i think i flooded it at that point). I sprayed a little more cleaner and after a few pulls, it started and stayed on!!!! Almost crapped my pants!!! Thanks for sharing your video! you really saved me this year!

  6. Don't start it till the carb is clean and has fresh fuel. Need to see if the carb needle is dumping fuel in the cylinder. If so change the oil fast.

  7. I have this same one and had it two years with no issues, then the third year it wouldn't start. I've had previous older models of Toro and others and could run them for years with out issues with starting. I seem to always get the lemon of the bunch.

  8. where exactly did you put the carb cleaner? Did you have to take apart the carb and clean, or was that some shortcut you did? The video seems to skip over that part.

  9. I had gotten the same mower this year from a curb side. It was posted and stated for free. If he had asked me to look at it I likely would of fixed it for him for the price of parts + small $$ amount It needed a little more than few squirts of carb cleaner. (total carb cleaning) But I got it running. had the same issue with the propelled always engaged after replacing the belt (it was broken). after a few creative words got it going 😉 with some cable adjustments. I just hope the neighbor didn't see my ad when I sold it :o) The Kholer Engine and Carb was the first one I have ever worked on. I have to say Tecumesh I think are easier to work on and start easier.

  10. I just got one in from a dear friend, they bought it used for next to nothing because it wouldn't start, woman before them ran it with no air box, and has so little compression it could pass for none, wouldn't even start on starting fluid.

  11. I just picked up one of these in my neighborhood with a 'kinda works' sign on it. Looks like new, like yours. Hope I can get it started as easily. The starter safety cable doesn't seem to move the lever very much – barely a quarter inch. Maybe an issue?

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