Toro Recycler vs Toro Super Recycler | Review

Toro Recycler vs Super Recycler – full review. Overall, both are very good lawn mowers, and as you will see in this review, each has advantages. Big thanks to Jake The Lawn Kid for helping me with this review. His expertise in lawn care contributed greatly to the quality of this review.

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38 thoughts on “Toro Recycler vs Toro Super Recycler | Review

  1. I would prefer the front wheel drive. Why? When you come to the end and have to turn ,you push down on the rear to lift the still running front wheels up in the air to turn the mower and not have the rear wheels still engaged on the ground.

  2. What is the model of your (older) Recycler in the video? Mine has no stickers at all, other than it was manufactured in may 2008. It looks exactly like mine. Thanks for responding

  3. The kids recycler has a rod knock that engine isn't going to be around much longer, great video, I just picked up a super recycler with blade stop and key start for 30 dollars it is a awesome mower….. But I'll take my time master over any push mower out.

  4. Hey! I bought my Super Recycler from a local dealer 20 years ago! I tune it up every Spring. I change the oil when needed. I just replaced the head gasket last night. I’ve owned many mowers by many brands. The Super Recycler is by far the best!!! It’s a tank. It just keeps on going. Worth every penny!!!!!

  5. What a flippin sleezeball sex plug.. I turned this video off within seconds of hearing that crack. You immediately lost a viewer for this .

  6. Does anyone know if the toro atomic blade will improve the pickup of the lessor 22 inch mower? tia Or anything other hacks to improve this 22 inch mower?

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