Toro Super Recycler Carburetor Cleaning And Rebuild

Had problems with the float in my carburetor on my 2012 Toro Super Recycler – so I pulled it off, broke it down, cleaned it and rebuilt it with a $15 rebuild kit from my local dealer. This is my story, I hope if helps you. Repairing your own mower can be a lot of fun and very rewarding.
Here is the link to the Toro manuals:

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40 thoughts on “Toro Super Recycler Carburetor Cleaning And Rebuild

  1. I've attempted this but only once. I did flood my carb in my toro recycler.. When I got to the springs and all those small little rods I backed away. Mine is currently in the shop. My lawn is over grown but it's nice thick and dark. Thanks to you I know that I will bag my first cut then go over with no bag to end w 3.5 inches.. Allen, you da man!!!

  2. Just type your carburetor number on the Google search bar… No offense intended but the information super highway is full of resources…

  3. Carb cleaning tips. When using carb cleaner, wear eye protection. Do I need to say it again? Stuff burns eyeballs like mad. Next is your partial cleaning method is just that. Best to soak the carb for one to two days in pinesol, white vinegar or lemon juice. Then use a bread tie wire to chase holes. A compressor is a must for blowing it out. It's better at forcing out trash than a leaf blower. You got lucky as yours wasn't caked up with ethanol corrosion and junk. Also remove float, all rubber gaskets, paper gaskets, needle and seat BEFORE you spray carb cleaner. It will attack and destroy them. WD-40 is not a penetrating fluid. It's mostly a dryer slash solvent liquid. PB Blaster is a great penetrating oil. Don't scrape stuck on gaskets with screwdrivers. Use a green scrub pad. No wire brushes either. Like you did, easy on the bowl nut torque. Use your weak hand and gently snug up. It's not going to jump off the carb. Also install a paper fuel filter and fuel cutoff valve. The paper filter will stop trash from hanging the needle open and your flooding fun. Always use real gas, no ethanol crap. If that's all you have use an ethanol remover treatment and stabilizer. Attach the carb linkage BEFORE you bolt it back on. Never use pliers to force the linkage into the throttle/choke holes like you did. Even a small tweak of the linkage angle can/will make it run improperly. Big no-no. Looks like you have a black inline fuel filter. Throw that POS away. Those have a window screen inside and will not stop small particles. Looks like you over torqued the black air filter housing a bit. Be gentle here. Some Briggs carbs have a primer feature and if over torqued they won't prime.

  4. As good as you seem to portray your internet skills you should of known you can buy that carb new on ebay for $14.95 with free shipping…. Theres your dinner!!!

  5. As good as you seem to portray your internet skills you should of known you can buy that carb new on ebay for $14.95 with free shipping…. Theres your dinner!!!

  6. Carb domination= continued neighbor domination. I had the same problem with my 2003 Bolens. It started right up but would immediately stall. I ended taking it to a small engine repairman, who told me that the carb got gummed up due to using old, stale gas from the previous year. I ended up having to get it rebuilt for about $100. I learned the hard way to use only fresh gas. I also broke the throttle cable, but found a replacement online and was able to install it myself.

  7. Although I have a different Toro model this video was enough to fix my one year old Super Recycler. Cleaned the bowl and sprayed wd40 into the carb. Voila!

  8. For any of you that want more info on what the float pin does, it lets in more gas into the bowl. When the float rises high enough from new gas entering it, the float pin closes off the hole and cuts off the gas flow to the bowl. If the pin does not close properly, the bowl becomes flooded. This is what happened to Allyn and resulted in the rebuild tuneup presented.

  9. like the unabomber look, great video I have been putting off that same job so much that I grabbed a rider last summer, yeah I know. thanks again for the swag.

  10. My toro sucked from day one, Donyboy73 on youtube does an outstanding job of making videos on how to repair small engines, very professional. Incase you didn't get the part, there is a seal that goes in the carb where the float pin goes into or maybe it is designed differently. Loved your lawn videos when you were in Chicago, enjoy Fl.

  11. One thing I try to do when I repair things since phones with cameras are soooo popular, is to take lots of detailed pics so if you do forget something, you'll have a reference to go off of. Keep you the great vids because they truely helped me with my lawn up here in Maryland.

  12. Great job on the rebuild! I have to tune up all of my equipment in about a month or so and this is the first video I have watched on the subject. It looks simple!

  13. I remember one of your spring videos a while back when you were back in Indiana, you mentioned you stored your mower over the winter with gas in it and never had an issue. Do you think ethanol/stale gas was a factor in your carb getting gunked up? Nice video!

  14. great video! one thing I'd like to mention about the gasket removal. don't use a screw driver or wire brush, a razor blade is the best tool. it works the bet when we remove gaskets at work. novice wrenchers might slip with the screw driver and damage the surface but if they use a razor blade they will use more caution all around to protect themselves and the surface.

  15. Man, I was having a similar situation with a couple older mowers and took them to a guy that told me, "Well, you have no pressure and that is bad. Will cost as much to repair as it would to buy a new one." So I bought a new mower. Now I wish I had checked this.

  16. You could try one of those ultrasonic cleaners and drop the entire thing into it. I'm restoring an older Honda mower right now since I'm bored waiting for the grass to start growing.

  17. nice videos as always. great job on your lawn mover. also follow donyboy73 he makes alot of great videos on small engines. check it out. and he walks u step by step

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