Toro Super Recycler SR4 Model 20092 – Broken Lawn Mower Find! – Oct 6, 2016

This is the lawn mower I have been looking for! A Toro Super Recycler with the Personal Pace Self Propelled! This is a 2009 SR4 Model 20092 with the aluminum frame. Briggs and Stratton 6.75 Gross Torque Engine. Been sitting for over 2 years can really smell the old gas in it. Will do a follow up on the repair have a new carburetor that will be installed!



9 thoughts on “Toro Super Recycler SR4 Model 20092 – Broken Lawn Mower Find! – Oct 6, 2016

  1. I got on this video to see you actually fix something and all you do is complain about not having the grass catcher it be nice if you actually had done something to fix the mower and show people how it's done instead of whining about not having the grass catcher

  2. You are Genius ! Hope you'll be able to fixe it : It's great to recycle machinery like this ! ☆•*´¨`•.¸¸.☆•*•.¸¸☆•´­¨`*•.¸¸.☆•*•.¸¸☆ (((◯◯)))

  3. Great find Cliff! can't beat the cast aluminum deck Toros, I know you'll get her running soon. I have the exact same mower that runs great but I have to replace the drive cable on the personal pace, I've adjusted it as far as I can & still barely moves. Take care & have a great weekend.

  4. Super great find! These are the best residential mowers made today I believe. My neighbor bought one of these back in 2010 coincidently for $650 I believe it was (more expensive because it had electric start). Used it for two years, then sadly passed away. Later found out she sold it for $25 to someone before I could ask her for it! She was quite shocked how much it was new and thought it was a old one her husband bought in the 90s (she confused it with the old John Deere he had). So I'm assuming this is a keeper? Are you also going to order a grass catcher for it?

  5. Good find. Those aluminum decks are nice. I believe they were classified as the commercial model. I hope you left your contact info with the lady so is she finds the bag she can get ahold of you. They are not cheap. I have a few customers that have the older model the same as yours but with the Tecumseh engine. I have worked on the the one you mentioned with the 3 speed transmission ( the 1998 model). It had grease zerts on the rear axles. Those transmissions were serviceable. Parts available to repair them and some had engines on them made by Toro also. They are really good mower.

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