10 thoughts on “Tractor engine rebuild pt 1

  1. Hello from Texas in the US! I found you thanks to your power hammer build. I watched your whole Land Rover series, was very enjoyable! You have a new subscriber here!

  2. I think I would have tested the compression with the fuel injectors out just to be sure that is the problem. If that is within a good range then adjust the values and bleed the fuel system. But appears you want to rebuild the engine. The fun is to find out what is in the oil pan.

  3. Nice work fella. I was shouting at the video as you pulled the rocker shaft out, waiting for the inevitable……..lol.

  4. Had to take a break when you opened the water drain tap…..

    Good stuff, another informative and entertaining video – good luck with the rebuild!


  5. New subscriber, here, from N/E California, I would like to let you know that I and a lot of people prefer longer videos, with more details and information on your projects, you can't learn much from a three minute video. That's why I watched all of your longer videos. Please keep them coming, really looking forward to see this all the way to the end.

    Thanks again,


  6. I enjoyed the power hammer bill it was very informative I'm about to watch it for a second time because I'm considering building one myself, you might want to check out the guy but goes by the name of big dog Forge he built but as well

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