Trash find Murry 6hp mower FIXED!!

This is a trash find Murry 6HP mower mulcher. It looks as though it was sitting for a while. I drained the old gas, pulled the bowl off and cleaned it up, ran a wire through what I could with the carb still installed, filled it with new gas and it started first pull. Late that day it got a new filter and an oil change. I am going to donate this mower to a family on my block that can’t afford a gardener or the equipment to do it themselves.



3 thoughts on “Trash find Murry 6hp mower FIXED!!

  1. I wish I was your neighbor:) I'm a 59 yr old woman who has a question with a tempermental mower – sometimes I can hear the gas flowing theu the fuel line as I prime it but not today – mine has a choke at the base – do I turn it to the right to open the choke wider ? I generally just spray starting fluid near the primer but not sure if that's safe .

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