Trash Find of the Month: Briggs & Stratton Pressure Washer Engine

And so I begin my Trash Find of the Month video series! This one was found in the dumpster of a recently-closed Sunoco gas station near my house. The engine was upside-down when I found it. When I first came upon it, I decided to test it right there. It started on the first pull. =D The only thing I noticed is that the engine was running wide open, much too fast. So I got it home and removed the top shroud to discover that the governor flap was stuck open because part of the shroud was bent and pressing on the governor. Bending the metal back solved the problem. It now runs perfect. This was a pressure washer at one time, but when I found it the whole lower half of the water pump assembly was missing. I’d love to find that part, and a hose and gun, to use with the engine.



23 thoughts on “Trash Find of the Month: Briggs & Stratton Pressure Washer Engine

  1. Bolt an old GM alternator to it and a smaller battery. Could make hell of a 12V power system/charger/car jump starter

  2. briggs are among the best. i have had my quantum powered pressure washer since 1998. replaced pump once but besides changing the starter rope i have never done anything to the engine. very reliable engines

  3. Um, no…it was in the trash because the governor was stuck wide open. Last I checked, Briggs has been in the small engine business longer than just about everyone else, and makes a damn good engine, too.

  4. It IS amazing. It's one of the primary ways I find my CRT TV sets, as well. It makes me sad to see perfectly good sets thrown away just because of the new flat panel on the block. D:

  5. I used to work as a vehicle patrol security guard for a rich neighborhood. You have no idea what's possible until you have a job like that. People would throw away perfectly good stuff because they did not want to bother with driving it to a dump, giving it away, or ebaying it. Check wealthy neighborhoods on nights before trash pickups, not just dumpsters, and you'll fair even better. Stores that have items that expire are good too. They will just trash the stuff when it is still good.

  6. I do when I can, but I don't like having to actually get inside a dumpster to grab something. Usually only audio equipment will make me go inside. This engine was sitting next to the dumpster, rather than inside. I doubt if I could have extricated it myself because of its weight, had it been inside.

  7. You and me both. I once got a TV set that the user thought was broken. Turns out there weren't batteries in the remote. *facepaw* It's amazing what people throw away! xD

  8. i hate people who buy somthing new and threw it away for dumb reasons like, why is this think running such low rpms (forgot to turn up the throttle) ah throw it away, i don't want to deal with the store or the manufacture, im to lazy to take it back or have help on it. BUT without dumb people like that, people like us wouldn't find great trash picks.
    but thats the truth about somthing not working right, but thats a really great find, wish i could find something like that.

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