6 thoughts on “Trim All gas edger Briggs & Stratton

  1. Hey, i just bought one of these and am looking for a rear wheel for it, but have no idea what the model is. Can't seem to find wheels online, anyone have info for me?

  2. I am looking to buy an AIR FILTER for this edger. Mine looks identical to the one shown, but it is about 40 yrs old and the name on it is TRIM-ALL model: KS 19 SDT.
    Where can I buy one?? My e-mail is jlobue357 +gmail.com Thanks!

  3. This is really weird, i have one of these as well. mine is green.  i didn't know it was a trim all.  but it does have a little sticker that says KS-19 SDT    and its really old. over 40.   works perfectly.   Here is the weird part though. 

      Your edger ( or Mine ) is all backwards.   Mine has the motor facing the other way.   the controls are the same but the pull starts on the other side because the pulley and the blade is on the other side. 

       the blade is adjustable to be horizontal like that so you can do all the angles if you have a job that requires it.   I'm guessing thats why they call it   Trim All. LOL 

      very odd though that they were made different directions like that. LOl I guess i have a right hand one and you have a left hand one.     when you push the gas lever all the way down on mine the throttle is all the way up.     and there is no chrome on mine.  white motor and green body with white handles.  i will never sell it.  it's awesome,

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