Troubleshooting a Blown Fuse on Riding Lawn Mower

This video shows how to troubleshoot a blown fuse in a riding lawn mower. Replacing a riding mower blown fuse is easy, but finding the cause can be more difficult. Unless you locate and repair the short, your riding mower will keep blowing fuses. We’ll show you how to test your ignition switch and the engine, chassis and dash wire harnesses to narrow down the suspects so you can repair the problem and get back to mowing.

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The video includes these parts and tools. Look up your model to make sure you get the right parts for your mower.
Ignition switch
Dash wire harness
Engine wire harness
Chassis wire harness

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5 thoughts on “Troubleshooting a Blown Fuse on Riding Lawn Mower

  1. Why is the 30amp fuse blowing everytime I put a new one in without key being in swtch on My GT3000 25Hp Kohler Pro V-twin?Thanx friend for your Time.William.

  2. I continue to blow fuse on a craftsman mower with cv22s kohler engine.  I have had trouble with intermittent starting in past, and now not at all, fuse is blown. I over the course of isolating the short I replaced wiring harness, switch, ammeter, solenoid, and regulator /rectifier as well as plastic connector to the regulator (not the wires). It continues to blow the fuse. I can get the tractor to start by disconnecting the regulator/rectifier, and despite the reg/rectifier being new, it blows the fuse If I try to start it with it connected. I assume the engine wiring harness is good since the tractor runs when regulator rectifier is disconnected, (as were everything else I replaced most likely) ?  Any idea of what could be causing the short, I assume one of the wires leading to the reg/rectifier? I appreciate any help you can offer.

  3. I have isolated the short in the red wire coming from the fuse holder to the ignition switch. Question is, how do you replace the red wire?

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