15 thoughts on “troubleshooting no spark on briggs and stratton

  1. had bought a used V Twin that had this problem. Now, after having bought a new kill wire set, it's doing the same thing, running on just one cylinder. According to at least one review, these can be defective new or the diode backwards. But since I still have to pull the engine to install mounts, I'll test these wires and the coils. I wan't going to bother with the kill wires since there's a solenoid on the fuel line that can cut the engine off as well. But then now I have to deal with this issue again. Maybe it's not the kill wire this time..

  2. I replaced the coil today and it didn't fix the problem. Sounds like this will be the fix, since you explained the diode problem. Thanks so much.

  3. Good video, wish I found it sooner, what a but kicker, went through safety switches all the way back to motor harness and same thing found them burned up. 2004 rtz 50 22hp briggs.

  4. I expect this mower will last several seasons with decent care.>>>t.co/PwjWRwzUeA  Also, I ran across the problem with it not starting the 2nd time I used it. There is a safety switch which is pushed in by the chute or mulching piece being attached to the deck. I took the cover off and it wouldn't start. Put it back on, no problem. It takes only a minute with 2 easily accessible wingnuts and no tools. This mower starts up first crank each time and it is a joy to use. It also mows in reverse by putting the key to the reverse area after starting and pushing in the triangular button. It will stay in reverse mode until you turn it off. All in all, for my homeowner needs, I really like this mower-and at 70 bucks a cut here in Miami, it's already more than 1/3 paid for itself in a month.

  5. great video. I had similar issues with my Briggs and Station intek engine. I didn't have diodes but I taped off the wires and it started up perfectly. Quick question for you: what size diodes did you use?

  6. Mine wasn't a no start but rough running with a lot of backfiring on the right cylinder. When I removed the ignition lead on that cylinder it ran better but with less power. Digging deeper I found that if I removed the ground lead on that cylinder it ran like new.
    It's got to be the diode for that ground lead. I'll replace them both.
    Good video, to the point without a lot of fluff. Thank you for your time to post this.

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