Troubleshooting Video : Kohler Command Twin Engine Problems with Taryl

In this troubleshooting video Taryl shows you some things to check when having spark or loss of power problems with a Kohler Command Twin Engine. And There’s Your Dinner!!

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38 thoughts on “Troubleshooting Video : Kohler Command Twin Engine Problems with Taryl

  1. i`m not sure what the repair bill was, but i do like the idea of saving a tractor from the scrapyard and you do that by having someone around who knows what their talking about. and that someone is Taryl

  2. Hey Taryl I have a 15hp koler engin on a polan riding mower I bring it home mad two swips around the yard stop turn off come back to finish grass it sounds like it was locked up take plug out lot of gas on plug, motor turns over with out plug put plug back in then sounds locked up won't turn over how do I fix the problem?

  3. i have a 19hp v twin briggs and it over heated in about 3 minutes , i noticed one of my sparkplugs was discolored for being so hot and the other was all right, i just put new plugs in , what would cause this to happen , i need dinner served taryl

  4. Just found your channel today. Lmao At first I was like wtf is this dude a real person.. Then watched a few more videos, lmao Golden! Love it subbed

  5. Taryl I have a Simplicity Hydro 12 throttle issues give it throttle sounds rough and deck blades bogg down when cutting grass and dies out Help !!! Enjoy your video:s

  6. question. i have a Hustler Xone i. And there is a buzzing noise coming from the Ignition controller module. It doesnt start or turn over at all. Just buzzy very little/quietly

  7. have a kohler cv20, not getting fuel to carb. Changed filters, lines,fuel pump and made sure fuel solenoid was working. I want to know what would cause the pulse line going to the pump not to work.

  8. Hey in this video when u hade it running and u could here it picking up and dieing down. Was that because it was only running on one cylinder and then pickin up on the second cylinder then dieing back down to the one again

  9. I really like those spark testers….can you provide a brand name or a link?….could you also recommend a small engine tachometer. ….thanks great videos

  10. The spark tester is a Stens 752-329.
    Also known as part #95-2030 and is available at:
    I'm a loyal customer, not the owner.
    Thanks Taryl!
    By the way…
    …I'm adding you to my estate will, which distributes 72 virgin mowers upon my death.

  11. Hi Taryl, I love learning this stuff and was wondering how to determine that it does not have a bad spark plug vs. a bad coil. Is it because you can see the poor spark thru the tester first before it reaches the plug? If it had a bad plug, would the poor spark in the tester look different?

  12. Hi Taryl,

    My Craftsman Kohler Courage V-twin 26 horse won't start (Model 917.250250).

    I hop on, depress brake, turn key, engine turns over.

    It has good spark – removed plug, reattached plug wire, turned engine over with end of plug held near metal frame, sparks.

    Checked fuel, also squirted starter fluid in carburetor, turned engine over, still won't fire.

    Also squirted starter fluid directly in cylinder – removed plug, squirted fluid in cylinder, replaced plug, turned engine over, no fire.

    Checked for damaged flywheel key, okay too.

    What's weird is tractor ran fine: Went out one morning, fired it up, worked for a couple hours, parked it, came in for lunch, went back out, hopped on, turned over, no start.

    Probably should mention fiddled with it some more the other day (And yes, I sang to it while I fiddled with it), and after shooting more starter fluid in carburetor, it did get a very tiny backfire.

    Anyway, scratching my head, puzzled, any ideas?"

  13. Hey Taryl how about a kohler command twin that randomly surges? new coils, carburetor, piston rings, governor gear, oil pump, valve jobs, excellent leak down tests, lifters removed and cleaned. Randomly runs perfectly, other times it surges ping ponging the governor.

  14. Taryl, great video's man.. very helpful information.. I have  quick question on the engine, i have the 27 hp Course pro v-twin.. getting ready to use for the winter and should I use the Kohler oil – 10w-30 or 5w-30 Mobil 1 synthetic? i live in NY area ,  What to you recommend, i will be attaching a snow thrower on this unit, hopefully soon.

  15. I wasn't wrong, I was yelling at my computer screen "it's a toro" before I even got choices. damn thing looks like my '97 wheel horse 14-38 HXL

  16. I don't use spark testers I have my wife stick her tongue on the spark plugs wire and if she jumps I know there is spark.

  17. It's like people saying that I don't build Holdens,my mother is part Norwegian because her ancestors are a Holden !!!!

    My grandfather told me that a person called Steve didn't get that I'm part Norwegian !!!!

    Yes !!!! It's a bad coil on this side :-

    It depends upon which way you drive past them,Matt said that I'm welcome to send them my CV !!!!

    Maybe I'll hear from them this week !!!!

  18. And while you are in there, Replace both Coils not just the One! Ive seen this same thing on Miller Bobcat welders at about a 1000 Hrs. or less. People beat the crap out of these aircooled engines and don't maintain them at all! These coils don't just quit all together most of the time. You can Ohm them out and they check perfect! Not so!

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