33 thoughts on “Troubleshooting Your Lawn Mower or any Small Engine: How to get it Running

  1. I got a question I got a craftsman lawn mower . It bog and choke when i start it up then die . I put new plug , carb, filter still same result any other ideal what is wrong with it ? Also wen u prime it can u see the fuel going to the carb ?

  2. Sounds like a gas related problem. Make sure gas lines are good as well. If a diaphram carb. replce the diaphram,(like engine on right in the video). If float bowl carb I would make sure the float and needle combo is working right and that the bottom jet (if its a briggs) is super clean. Also make sure the linkeages and springs are all hooked up correct and work properly on the carb. if carb is adjustable that could be a problem. It is hard to say over the internet what is wrong with it. Sorry.

  3. Any suggestions please; I over filled my mower as the oil fill tube was covering the real oil level and on first start immidatly relized my mistake. now it will not start at all. Cleaned air filter, carb, and spark plug. I also put in clean new gas and nothing? I can feel the engine compressions? what should i check next? Thx!

  4. dont u se gass to clean the air filter i brakes bown the foam. just jse mineral spirits from ace of somthing then rince it in cold water. then oil it

  5. What i mean when adding oil, extra oil flooded into the engine cylinder? now i turned the mower on it's side to drain as much of the oil as possible ( and checked the above ) but it won't start at all?

  6. I have a problem with my mower. I started it up the other day and began mowing. About 5 min. in, it stalled. I tried and tried to start it again but couldn't. It will start briefly when I push the primer bulb a few times but will not stay running. Suggestions?

  7. sounds like it could have a problem venting or you may be experiencing vapor lock. It may need a new gas cap. Try starting it when it does this without the cap on. Replacing the fuel lines also wouldn't hurt and may be causing some of this.

  8. when you over fill the oil, there is a big risk of blowing the head gasket. if you have a blown head gasket there wont be enough compression to start the mower. you will feel that it is really easy to pull the start cord. also easy
    to turn the blade by hand (if the engine brake is off). new head gasket is only about 5 bucks. and easy to change. just make sure you clean the old gaskt off properly.

  9. how to get any engine running!

    very informational! thank you so much.

    inspirational too. can only imagine what you are doing with your gifts and talents! probably running an engineering department somewhere. . .

  10. Thanks once again, after reading some of the other comments I was able to get mine started, it seems a vaporlock issue was at hand. My questions is regarding the propelling mechanism, How do I get it to work? some times it does some times it doesn't, does it have something to do with me washing the mower after every use?

  11. yea good job, but Im wondering, if my diaghphram has no  holes or tears is it ok? it looks ok, i just knew this was my problem, but doesn't look like it is, now

  12. Nice work.Ive got a rover push mower 4 stroke b&s.It starts cold firs go,but when it comes to being hot it just chuggs then stalls.Can you help me please?

  13. Nice work,rover 4 stroke 220 series with pull cord mounted on the side of motor just above carby.I need to replace pull cord.My pull cord has broken.Can you help me please ?

  14. can you just come to my house and make my mower start? ive tried taking things apart and looking at them, theres plenty of fuel theres plenty of oil. the damn thing wont staryt and I just bought it less than a year ago and used it like 5 times total! so stressed out =(

  15. Can anyone tell me what this piece is that fell out when I took the carburetor out?? I have no idea where it came from. Here is the link to my video so you can see what it looks like. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dqSe4bMMhTo  I am stumped. I just wanna mow the damn lawn, the grass is getting way too long at this point but I refuse to take an almost brand new mower to the repair shop when I'm sure I can do this myself.

  16. Oil in any air filter CLOGS the air filter… thus preventing air from getting into the Carburetor. I'm new too… and I don't envy your humbling position. Good luck young sir.

  17. is it bad to leave some gas in the tank for a long period of time? my lawnmower wont start! I put some gas in the carburetor and starts but dies right away! the spark plug is not the problem! can the gas be the problem? do I need fresh gas?

  18. I have that very same Craftsman 6.0. When I pull the starter cord, it only comes out about 5-6 inches and stops. It is totally stuck. Any ideas on what may be the problem? Thank you very much!

  19. Hello, love your channel. Very informative. Lets grow our channels together…..please sub back…I fix random stuff in an effort to empower young ladies to fix stuff. Good luck and I will definitely view this channel

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