Troy Bilt 21″ Lawn Mower Carburetor Cleaning Broken Craigslist Find – Part II – April 23, 2013

Immediately discovered after taking the carburetor bowl off, no gas was in the bowl. That means the float/needle valve was sticking or the gas inlet to the needle valve hole was clogged. I had cleaned all this and all the holes with a small wire and could blow air through all the holes. The float with the carburetor upright I could blow air in it turn it upside down and I could not. That shows the float is working. Reinstall the carburetor and will give this a start see Part III Cold Start Troy Bilt:



16 thoughts on “Troy Bilt 21″ Lawn Mower Carburetor Cleaning Broken Craigslist Find – Part II – April 23, 2013

  1. Thanks, my bad..I have 2 Troy Built mowers given to me and the bigger of the 2 had so much goo in the carb so after 3 times of soaking and cleaning it FINALLY started, smoked and poured oil out the exgaust, so I changed the oil and put the correct amount in it and she started right up and I mowed the entire lawn. Your video helped I appreciate it.

  2. Hello the plastic piece that connects the linkage on my carburetor is broken. Is there anywhere I can order a new one? What is it even called? If I can't order a new one, can I hand make one?

  3. I have a problem with the self propelled it is harder to push I replace the blade and the one front tire the teeth were worn. it is still hard to push and wondering if I can adjust the cable I have one that looks like this video its 2005 yr. and model number 12a466a71147273 if you can give me some ideas the belt moves good and doesnt seem to be loose

  4. new models 230, float "Needle" is a plastic nipple attached to the float…that snaps off when removing if not careful. Sadly, I cannot find a part for sell on troys site, ebay or amazon 🙂 Man, 9 months old… I will never ever own another piece of troy built shit. Once i looked up my issue, was directed to consumer affairs…pages of the same complaint. POS carbs

  5. Thanks +mountainbikekayak first time I ever messed with an engine. took the carburetor out as per your instructions. it wasn't the gas inlet in my case. it was the bolt that holds the bowl. there was debris in the tiny hole in the bolt not allowing gas to go anywhere. put everything back together. first pull and it started.

  6. Hi RWvidz hey good for you and your son! Very different Carburetors on these Tecumseh Engines but basically the same. It’s been awhile since I have worked on one of these had a similar engine on an Ariens swivel mower. Seems it just has a wire clip underneath the bowl just holding it all in place. Its great your working with your son on this just can’t get a better $20 investment!

  7. Thanks I saw that but I guess the upload date threw me off. it was March and this one was April.
    I just picked up a craftsman 917.372910 ( Tehcumseh 6 hp ) for $20 and it has a plastic Carb Bowl. teaching my 12 year old something other than video games!

  8. Hi RWvidz thanks for viewing, yes I have a Part III video posted on this Troy Bilt titled: Troy Bilt 21" Lawn Mower First Cold Start after Carburetor Cleaning – Part III – April 23, 2013. It started right up and then did a last look video follow up after giving it a good cleaning. The float was stuck upward where no gas was getting into the bowl pretty easy fix. Then resold this shortly afterwards these red in color Troy Bilt Mowers have been very easy to sale, take care.

  9. Hello ConnHustla thanks for viewing. Any brand of Carburetor spray cleaner with a nozzle spray it down into all the passages. Hard to show on camera but it splashes everyone, wear safety glasses as well. Take a fine wire from a wire brush or safety pin and go into all the passage holes. Being careful not to puncture the rubber seat in the inlet side of the carburetor if you’re not replacing it. Then just blow it all out with an air compressor. That generally will do the trick you take care!

  10. I have a similar model and its acting similar to yours try to start and it starts but immediately shuts down i suspect its the carb. How did you clean the carb and what was the step by step process. i have the carb off the mower and the bowl off.

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