Troy-Bilt 5550 Watt Generator Starting, Oil Change and Storage Hints.

General instructions for starting, changing the oil and storage of my generator.


If the engine has not been run recently, set the choke on

Set on/off rocker switch to ON

Fuel shutoff counter clockwise to flow fuel

Pull the start cord to start the engine

Once the engine is started
you can move choke to off

Run generator for a minute or two to
warm and circulate the oil

Turn the generator off and place a
catch can under the drain hole

Remove the filler cap and the drain plug
Let oil drain

Replace the drain plug

Using a suitable oil for your location fill
the engine back up.

Oil is full when it comes up to the top
of the filler. Use the can to catch overflow

Replace the filler cap and hand tighten

Ready the generator for storage. There are a few ways to do this. I drain the gas
and run engine until it stops because I don’t know when I will ever use it again. I had not used mine in five years and it started on the first pull after adding gas.
If you are going to use it at least once a year you can leave the gas in and use a fuel stabilizer(STA-BIL).

The manual suggests 15ml of oil in the cylinder
through the spark plug hole

I will leave the gas cap off or ajar until all gas has evaporated and fumes are gone too because I store mine back into its original packaging.



19 thoughts on “Troy-Bilt 5550 Watt Generator Starting, Oil Change and Storage Hints.

  1. A couple of random thoughts. I own this generator, my model is Troy Built #030245, 5500W. It's a great generator. It's about 10 years old, I am unable to verify its age using the model #.
    Briggs is now recommending Mobile1 Synthetic Oil, 15-50 for hot southern climates, 5-30 for cooler northern climates. The Briggs Stratton engine model # of on the side of the silver OHV metal housing. Use non-ethanol gas for all small engines, and add Sta-Bil fuel (red) stabilizer. My Briggs engine Model is 204412-0163E, 10HP, Briggs calls it the 200000 series. I am unsure if there is a fuel filter because of Brigg's annoying practice of not making model specific information available- the manual covers a wide series of engines. I have another generator, diffenent brand, similar 10HP briggs engine, which has an easily viewable fuel filter. The manuals are easily available online at Brigg's site.

  2. Just changed the oil in my Briggs Stratton 5550 for the first time. Hurricane Maria has got us powerless for almost 2 months, and we are looking at another month at least. Thanks for the info!

  3. Bought one of these back in 2004 and never used it. I did run it every 6 months to a year, and ran it out of gas each time. When Irma was coming, I got it ready to go. Started on the first pull. Used it not stop for 5 days without a hitch. Great machine! A little rusty on the outside but performed flawlessly.

  4. Phil,
    Just got through Irma with my 10+ year old Troy-Built 5550.
    I use non ethanol gas with 2 ounces of Sea Form per 5 gallons.
    Your storage procedure is outstanding.
    Thanks brother!

  5. I've owned one of these for years, I warmed it up,changed the oil and BANG no start. Irma is coming. I found white wire on
    R/s to engine low oil shutdown sensor I guess. Disconnected wire it starts right up BEWARE OF THIS. MY machine is used
    during the year and is well maintained.

  6. Great video. Thanks for making it. Getting ready for the hurricane coming to FL and now I know everything about this machine. Much appreciated

  7. Good stuff, very helpful… These generators are indestructible.I have had mine for 12 years. If you take care of them and use up all the gas every time the generator lasts forever

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