Troy-bilt 5550 watt generator,$75 find !

Roaming the ads online I find generator, but the guy was asking way too much, $250 to be exact, he could not show it running or working anything, missing a tire, and handle, also supposed to have had a real seal leaking, So I throw out a firm offer, $75, and brought it home, I think i did okay, this time, the average is about 300-450 in my area..



23 thoughts on “Troy-bilt 5550 watt generator,$75 find !

  1. Bought mine in 2004 slightly used with 4 hours of run time. Ran half the house for Jeanne, Francis, Matthew and now Irma, plus ran my dads house for 2 weeks after Wilma. 2 window units, fridge, plus all the lights, fans and TV's. Still runs like a champ! The tires are horrific but the Briggs and Stratton engine is solid. Even running at 90% most of the time. Nice fuse breaker keeps from damaging when you go over. Loud as anything but that mostly the neighbors problem.

  2. I've got one of these and it's been the most amazing piece of power equipment I have had, it's very dependable and as long as you run good gas in it it's gonna start first or second pull every time! We had a terrible storm come through here 5 years ago and I ran that generator 12 straight days! Only pausing to put more fuel in it, and for half hour on day six I shut it down just to be nice to it, changed its oil and fired right back up for the next 6 days of run time! That event alone and I would have been very pleased with money spent! But here I am 5 years later and that bad boy just keeps on going! Had power outage 4 times in last two weeks ran it 8-10hrs each time! I would buy another in a minute! I'd love to find one used and fix it up! You got a heck of a deal on yours! Worst thing I can say about the whole thing has been it's tires! The tires suck and both of mine are flat! I need to replace and do basic tune up soon and look for another five years of worry free use!

  3. Most important is READ YOUR OWNERS MANUAL!, these will need FREQUENT oil
    changes!, it's not cutting grass, it's working it's ball's off to
    maintain speed and power to your electrical loads. My Briggs+Stratton
    genny says change oil every 25 running hours!, ignore this at your own
    risk as the warranty will be void if you do not change the oil per the
    manual's spec and your engine takes a crap on you!.

  4. Hey Wally, I have a B+S genny that looks EXACTLY the same as yours but it's only 3,500 watts. My brother used to work for Grainger and got it for me at wholesale @ $350. I think B+S makes 'em for Troy-built and just slaps a TB label on it. Got mine after the 2004 hurricane season down here in FL, 3 weeks without power and then 1 week 3 weeks later!. dude below rambles on about Husqvarna but I have a "Weedeater one" rider from them, talk about cheap, it should come with a socket set LOL. I've kept it going for 5yrs which is a miracle but now the clutch is starting to slip a bit but it's a "friction-drive" and you cant buy just the rubber drive wheel, you have to buy the $375 "transmission" so I'll be buying a walker when it finally goes out.

  5. Troy-Bilt stuff is junk.  I went through two of their string trimmers in one year.  I paid the extra dough for a Husqvarna and it has given me zero trouble in two years.  They should be called Poorly-Bilt.

  6. lol Yeah ! but thats why purchased two new tires, Its working great, its another good score, I hope i dont end up on the show Hoarders, with all these great finds,

  7. Thats for sure!, Goin to try the stuff in the can first, I never liked relying on just that, im always a remove and repair type, But im feeling lazy, I know the kit would cost as much of a can of seafoam, if that doesnt help it, im going to remove it and give it a bath and rebuild it, take a torch tip cleaner and clean out all the ports and idle circuits best as i can, 🙂

  8. I think so, i was really trying to be fair offering him that, when i called him he asked if i was the guy wanting to buy it for $60,

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