25 thoughts on “Troy Bilt ,Briggs and Stratton 190cc governor adjustment (Coal Miner outsmarts Dentist!!!!!)

  1. I just did this to the one I've got and it makes a big difference, i think it was originally like this mine was bent in the same way as this one and i never ram into anything, but thanks for this info it make mowing life easier.

  2. Thanks. That was so helpful. My mower has the reverse problem – over revving – but now I know what to do. Cheers from Australia.

  3. That's not what was wrong with it. That is supposed to be bent in like that (ironically to keep it from getting stuck on brush). The issue was likely that spring, that looks oxidized. It wasn't governing correctly, and then failing open too much, causing the mower to run way too rich. I have a similar issue with my 110cc. Spring and linkage is sticking, burns through gas 5 times quicker than it should, yet runs "slow" and rough.

    What you did was add more tension to that spring by bending the tab. It's still fixed in that it keeps tension where it needs to be, but is only temporary since that spring is just going to fail again. I'd recommend just getting a new spring.

  4. you got took
    just picked up a 6.5 toro personal pace propelled, works great $20
    cleaned it up,changed oil,gassed it up, starts on first pull

  5. I keep reading about people with that governor problem. I think if it happened to me just once I would look for a way to shield that governor so it is less likely to happen. I feel that leaving that exposed the way it is was just a way to build in a design flaw. You would think that they would cover that part a little better!!

  6. I have one like it. The throttle won't stay open. It only starts when it's cold or cooled off. What do you think is the problem?

  7. sweet, I just bought a like new Lawn Boy electric start 6.5hp, would start right up but shut off in a couple seconds for $150, cleaned carb bowl and now she's purring!

  8. Your RPM seems a bit high now after the fix.  Mower looks similar to my $600 cast aluminum (not a Home Depot model) Toro (model 20057 with the OHV/pushrod B&S engine).  I've had a spring (must be the governor spring even though I swear it looked like a "normal" spring – not elongated)) fall off a few times when going into bushes and trees over the years.  It hasn't happened in awhile so I forgot what everything looks like…thus youtube…  The long governor spring is still there, but when I went under/into the branches, the RPMs went WAY down as has occurred when the spring fell off in the past…so I looked and looked for the spring on the ground, but can't find one…and the governor spring is still there…so maybe I'm wrong and there is just the one spring.  Maybe the metal is bent.  I also bought a new governor spring and a "Brake Spring" part #691831 but that seems to almost match an unrelated spring on the other side of the engine (nowhere near the spring that has fallen off a bunch of time) for the safety bar feature.  So tomorrow I'll try the new governor spring, make sure the linkage it's connected to seems to be connected where it belongs, and if that doesn't fix it, I'll looks for twigs caught in the air/arm thingamajig that counteracts the spring.  Last things I'll do is bend the metal as you did if all else fails.

  9. Wow, I've been wondering how to do that for years. My Briggs 190 Snapper was running slow again. What a beautifully quick simple and effective fix! Thanks a million!

  10. I have a similar mower with electric start someone gave me cause it was bogging down. Thanks for the video. Fixed my issue and it was so simple. I even added an extra bracket on the tab for support.

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