25 thoughts on “Troy-Bilt Bronco XP 42″ Riding Lawn Tractor – Product Review

  1. I have the 2013 SUPER BRONCO with a 420cc engine.It cuts GREAT & has no vibration while cutting the grass.Smooth running & handles my 1 acre just fine even coming up the hills out of our ditches.Traded in a TROY-BILT PONY that we had for several years that was purchased used.Purchased the SUPER BRONCO "NEW" & I think it will provide many years of Great service.Beautiful "RED" paint job looks as good as it cuts & runs. {:>)

  2. i just bought a bramd mew troy built bronco… just a few days ago everything seems nice but it back fired 2 times when I first got it…I have not heard it since

  3. Do you know if the deck wheels, there's two holes (Ive got the same mower) for the wheels.  I'm wondering if the wheels are mounted in the top for shipping.  Aren't they supposed to keep the deck level and level in turns? I've had all kinds of problems with my mower and cutting uneven is a big problem from day one.  It's always cut like it had a bent blade.  The other problem is keeping the belt on after I disengage the blades for whatever reason (backing up for example) Every time I do anything I have to get off the mower and put the belt back on the Polly's . I can't afford to replace the mower and last year I took it in to a shop and spent 750 bucks on the deck stuff that isn't fixed.  Hell I only paid with tax 1,200.00  frustrating. But I'm venting and asking about the deck wheels      anyone know?

  4. We just got a 2014 Troy-Bilt Bronco with the 17hp Kohler motor and I've used it just once and so far LOVE IT! (I'll love it more after I disconnect the mow in reverse safety feature)

  5. I got mine 3/4/2015 2 months old . Put deck belt on 9 times and drive belt 3 times. Lowes said they can ship it to get repaired . Would take at least 2 weeks . I told them I bought it to cut my grass every week not to send it to the shop . Shifter isnt worth a CRAP either . I am going to bring it with me to the drag strip with a sign on it BIGGEST PIECE OF CRAP I EVER BOUGHT  Going to display it every place I go where there will be a large crowd . Maybe I can save some one $1300.00 dollars

  6. My Troy Bilt X609G riding lawn mower is now riding rough in FWD. Anytime I increase speed or try to go up an incline, it grinds, jerks and acts like it doesn't want to move at a constant speed. I just replaces all of my belts, blades and the air filter for seasonal maintenance and it is riding like a brat kid to the shower. The Transgear might be on it's last legs. Can anyone offer advice to what it might be?

  7. Between the Bronco and the XP that you had, why did you keep the Bronco instead of the XP? I am in the market and right now the Bronco is $1199 and the XP 46" deck is $1399. Also looking at the Jhon Deere 105 at $1499.

  8. don't buy the troy built bronco it is the biggest piece of junk we have had ours 2 years and the motor has  broken 2 times and the mower blades have spun the berring on the mower  deck and the the steering has needed to be re weilded  because of inferior welding done in factory

  9. The xp with the 46"deck is a horse.I have a steep incline to my front yard then it levels
    out.this tractor just works.pulls strong.Kolhler twin with a small turning radius.sweet.

  10. I just got a Bronco yesterday. I have a question, when I take my foot off the throttle pedal the mower stops like the brakes are engaged, is that normal? Seems to me it should slow down and not  stop on a dime.

  11. I am currently in the market for a riding lawn mower.  I've been looking at the Pony and this one.  Is there any big difference, and what is the deal with not being able to mow in reverse??? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you

  12. Just a tip…if you ever do another review…would you just get on with it? The long pauses are very irritating. Maybe have it planned out better beforehand.

  13. this is a terrible boring boring boring youtube. It needs to be removed plus it is not a real review. It should mentic something about upgrade and attachments. but its a long slow video that you can see just by looking at a brochure on troy bilt

  14. Have an older one. Seemed like it had some quirks for a little while years ago, but after having taken the deck off a few times and playing with the blades, it runs just as well as my dad's old Honda rider. Just gotta keep a good battery in there. Sometimes the cut doesnt seem even, but its a weird thing that seems to come and go. Also disconnected the seat safety, which in my opinion, makes the mower less safe as it would stall on some shallow inclines and turns because the contacts would shrug just enough all over a minimal shift in weight. Lurching around with the blade kicking on and off doesnt do anything to help anyone on a yard that presents no risk of rolling or substantial risk of falling off. Not sure if that makes me some sort of outlaw, but I dont mind. Otherwise, its been a great machine.

  15. why would a 42inch troy buil… riding lawn mower blades stop working… motor and everything else is working but the blades will not engage…. have replaced the belt for blades but still wont engage the blades.. any Ideads???

  16. Good instruction video. Sad part is my Super Bronco has been a repair nightmare from the start. It finally cracked the block last week and threw oil everywhere. Even with regular oil and filter changes and broken parts replaced, it did not last as expected. I would not waste money on a troy bilt. I would bet on a Huskee or a Toro any day from my personal experience.

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