Troy Bilt Pony Tiller Engine Problem

Determining what happened to the engine in a troy bilt pony rototiller.

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14 thoughts on “Troy Bilt Pony Tiller Engine Problem

  1. I picked up the same tiller without the electric start for free. Mine did the exact same thing except mine completely broke the rod into a bunch of pieces. Going to slap the harbor freight motor in also. Thanks for the video

  2. Hey I doubt you'll see this anytime soon. But I have the exact same tiller. I can't find the model number on it anywhere. I broke a part on the motor and was needing to find out what motor it is so I can order. It'd be easiest if you could email me at christownley at bellsouth .net THANKS

  3. so that's what that extra keyed pully is for in the back of the engine, rear gears ? . And you just using the one pully so it will work forward. I have a Tecumseh 8 horse I was thinking of installing. Guess I would just use the one pulley, as I caught a little from you and sounds like that's what you did.. Mine now looks like this in the back. and two of the pulleys have keys.

  4. I've been told that the angle at which the tiller runs while you are tilling, starves it of oil. Even if you are careful to keep clean oil in the machine. After about twenty years the engine will blow. Mine did. A hole right through the case.

  5. Great video. I'm going through the same process with my TB Pony as well. Just pulled the clutch assembly and found that my key is also sheared. So, where did you get the new key at? Hardware store or did you have to order one somewhere specific to Briggs & Straton? I am just starting to research this now. Thx for any input! I hope I don't end up with the same larger issue that you had.

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