Troy-Bilt Rototiller 5hp Pony

Changing the oil in my 1992 Troy-Bilt Pony tiller. Boy, if you can find one of these you can’t go wrong. 8″ tilling depth, strong 5 hp horizontal engine, cast iron shaft and tranny housing, bronze ring gear and even holes in wheels for weights. Its a terrific tractor that I immensely enjoy. It rips up sod with light passes and once the soil is prepared for your garden, it goes through it year after year with no effort at all. here is some simple maintenance.



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  1. Thanks for the video. I have a chance to buy one tomorrow for $200. Owner says it hasn't run for two years. Looks like it was stored indoors. I'll try starting it then make a nonstarting engine offer. Wish me luck.

  2. Nice video, thank you. I LOVE my troy bilt (used horse) It has probably been used for 2 hours every year,,,,, just like every other used tiller…..Don't buy a new tiller, they are not as good as the old ones, (and the old ones have about zero hours on them)…. If you have a choice,,,, pay the few extra bucks for a good tiller (troy bilt) in extra good shape, with seals that don't leak…..etc. It will be worth every penny….. BUY CHEAP, BUY TWICE.

  3. Craig I have a 1992 tiller just like yours.Would it be possible to have you. remove top and bottum air cleaner covers.then take a picture of the carb and send it to me at I am missing some paarts off of the carb and not sure what to order. Lost the parts and can not find them. Thanks Jim

  4. I have the pony and had to do some modifications to get it like I'd like. I added a angle iron across the front arms attached to the frame. Used a PVC pipe and filled it with rocks to add weight to the front. Put a plow attachment on the rear that extends behind tiller blades. I have two plow heads one for turning both sides and one for mounding right side only. I use the first head to anchor the pulling on the first pass so it stops the jump forward when a rock is hit by the tiller tine. The depth is regulated with the same lever you use for the tiller tines. The plow will dig deeper and acts as and anchor to allow the tines to do its work. The other head is used for turning soil up on potatoes and also to dig them out later. This makes the pony very controllable and works very well. It took me a few tries to get it right but now I couldn't live without it!

  5. Hey Craig,
        I have the same tiller as you I got it from my uncle, who got it from his dad. Love those hand me downs! I have the Manual but I have looked all over for the Model and serial number and there is not one anywhere on it can you tell me the model number of yours? I know mine is a 91 Troy-Bilt pony with same engine and looks just no bumper.

  6. Do you have a model number? We have what looks like an exact model as yours. My wife bought it in 1988 when we first bought our farm and have misplaced the manual/folder with all that info.  We love our Troy Pony a lot.

  7. I have the 1998 model, I got for $350. It's a beast haven't done a think except change the spark plug, filter and clean the carb. Oh the repaired the recoil starter. Started right up on the first pull today!

  8. Do not get a new one! They are easy to work on if you have any mechanical aptitude, or wish to try. If not, most definitely, have it completely serviced and tell them how long it has sat. With a simple change in fluids, it will probably run. If you have the ability, I'd do it yourself. Drain fuel from tank by removing hose under tank. Your Pony is likely the same age as mine, it works like a dream and I still use mine for gardens, beds and stuff. Let me know if you have questions.

  9. I have a question I think you can help me with. My family has an early 1970's TroyBilt Pony Tiller that was used for about 3-4 seasons when new, but has been in shed ever since. I tried to use it about 15-20 years ago but ground was too wet, so it sat in shed until this fall when I couldn't get the cord to fully extend to start it. Do you think it would be worth it to have it taken to a TroyBilt/mechanic to be looked at/repaired, or should I just look at a new one? Thanks for your advice!

  10. Thank you, its been a workhorse. I remember wanting one as a kid, Troy-Bilt used to run commercials on TV. I've done some work to it, new tine seals, new tines, new muffler, but that is about it. I've probably had this thing for about 12 years now, can't imagine not having one. Thanks for watching!

  11. Thank you, I'm a huge fan of these Troy-Bilt tillers. You've got an absolutel classic tiller, one of the best ever. The Horse is as tough as it gets. I love my Pony tiller, it tills really deep, but the weight advantage of the Horse is what is key. Great tiller, thanks a lot for stopping by.

  12. Troy Bilt made incredible products. I bought a leaf vacuum 5hp, could suck up leaves and chip branches up to 3". Built like a tank. The only good thing is MTD didn't mess with the Pony or Horse tillers, other than newer epa engines, they are the same. But, they got rid of the Honda powered commercial tiller. You'll only find Pony & Horses in dealers. MTD likes to take good names and kill them. Look what they did to Bolens.

  13. Electric start was a $100 option if I remember, nice option to have. When I bought this for $495 10 or 11 years ago, the guy that sold it to me was a Cub Cadet dealer that took this tiller in on trade. He said there was another attachment that came with it, went back and pulls out a never used hiller-furrower attachment the guy traded in. I'll show that in an upcoming video, its great for making hills.

  14. Yes, its been one of those things that I've never gotten around to doing… until its time to change the oil and I think- next year I'll do it. Looks like I'm back to next year

  15. You're right, when you have a garden that is 15×40 you can't do it without one of these. I use it all year for weed control between rows in the garden, but I bet that this tiller see's 5-6 hours a year. On another note, we were going to do some fishing today, but we're getting lots of rain. Kids went yesterday and caught a 6 pound bass out of the pond near us!

  16. The original Troy Built company made some nice products. They were based near me. Shame to see them go but they made their products too well and didn't get enough of a turn around to stay in business. Whole company closed and the trade name sold to MTD. Now they are junk. Like everything else…

  17. I have one just like it. It does not have bumper guard on the front but it does have an electric start. I like it I have had it for 10 years now.

  18. Painting it won't make it run any better 😉 ! Just one of those tools that you like to have when you need it! I think that it is harder on them to sit than to use it on a regular basis!

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