Troy Bilt TB110 Lawn Mower B&S 550EX Series Engine – Craigslist Find – Part I – March 24, 2014

A newer Troy-Bilt Lawn Mower Craigslist find! Its Model TB110 that has the Briggs and Stratton 140cc 550EX Series engine on it. It will not start just seems like it’s not getting gas, the rope feels like the compression is good tries to start but will double check the spark. It’s been sitting in a storage room they told me since last summer just sounds typical carburetor and fuel system related. Will be a part II also did a comparison to the recent Sears Craftsman they look very similar.



12 thoughts on “Troy Bilt TB110 Lawn Mower B&S 550EX Series Engine – Craigslist Find – Part I – March 24, 2014

  1. Hi Cliff, nice mower! Before you take the carb off try spraying some WD 40 on the auto choke arm, it's right behind the air filter box, you can work that choke arm back & forth with a small screwdriver. That yard machines with the Briggs EX engine did the same thing & that fixed it. Hope I am some help. Have a great weekend!

  2. Hi Cliff, you're very welcome! I hope it works for you as it did on the Briggs EX I had. I'd been told that happens on these engines when they've been sitting awhile. Good luck!

  3. Both are cheap product, maybe a little bit better craftsmen, but troy hell cheap product I bought it last year I used it one time only I tried to use it for second time this time completely not working I took it to store to repair b/c I have factory warranty they told me the carperater problem they said pay $135 to fix crazy I bought it $205 with tax now they asked me pay $135 almost the same price I paid. Fake product fake manufacturer warranty.

  4. Hi sir i have the 550ex model and my mower wont work.i was wondering if i should change the spark plug and do some oil change?how do i remove the spark plug and what tools do i need?

  5. Definitely would not recommend the 550ex. Poor design on the carburetor. Fouls easily. Hard to get it working again. Seen mowers that have been sitting for years start better. Most good reviews are probably from trying it once.

  6. Just an FYI, the reason your Troy-Bilt lawn mower looks similar to the Cratsman lawnmower is that they are both manufactured and engineered by the same company called MTD, they also make out door power equipment for the "Walmart" brand Murray and Yard-Machines and several others, you should research some of it, they are all the same product just a label slapped on each one of them. 

  7. What is the model (part) number for the air filter (that looks like a car air filter)? Can you list spark plug and engine oil type?

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