Troy Bilt TB110 Lawn Mower B&S 550EX Series Engine – It’s Alive! – Part II – April 10, 2014

This almost as new Troy Bilt Model TB110 with the 550EX Series Briggs and Stratton engine has decide to come to life! Finally was getting back to what appeared to taking the carburetor apart and just pulled the rope on it and it started!

See Part I of the Craigslist Find of this TB110:

See Alan Marshall’s Channel/Video on this Yard Machines with 550EX Series Engine:



14 thoughts on “Troy Bilt TB110 Lawn Mower B&S 550EX Series Engine – It’s Alive! – Part II – April 10, 2014

  1. A good piece of advice for mowers that have to sit for a while in storage. Use only pure gasoline and add a stabilizer to it. Ethanol is the main problem in all small engines.

  2. I got this exact mower in Craigslist for $45 dollars. It will start but it needs a good cleaning as it runs a bit rough. I plan on taking that challenge on tonight.

  3. Guy at a farm sold me the same mower for 20$ didn't start took her home cleaned the carb and the mower now I got it on Craigslist for 75$ ?

  4. This lawn mower is the biggest piece of crap on the market. It ran well for about two months when I bought it the spring of 2013, then in mid-summer, it stopped running well and nothing that I have done to it has made it work consistently since.

    Today for the first cut of the season, it ran for about 30 minutes and now nothing. When I pull the cord, it'll rev high and die; over and over and over. Tune-ups, non-ethanol gas, Sea Foam, it does not do anything to help it. Today, I am heading out to buy a brand new electric lawn mower and then I am going to put this POS by the side of the road and it'll be gone in 15 minutes. It'll be someone's nightmare. Good riddance and by the way Troy-Bilt, you lost a customer.

  5. I have the exact mower. I had the same issue last November. had a 2 year warranty at Lowe's. took it in they said it had stale fuel. it only sat for a few weeks with stabilizer. I had to pay another $111 because they said it needed to be cleaned. I could of done it myself. so I used it a few times before winter. Then I drained it cleaned it all out. Used it two weeks ago with high octane gas and fuel stabilizer. it worked fine. Went to use it today and it won't start again. I'm so disappointed in this thing. It's the worst mower I've ever had. if I'm going to have to clean the carb every time I use it I might as well toss it.

  6. I may have a solution for you. I bought the same Troy-Bilt TB110 in 2013. It ran great for about two months and then it stuttered and stopped constantly. Two weeks ago I tried Sea Foam and it ran great, for one cut, and then yesterday it would not start. So today, I pumped out the gas and put in fresh gas. Still nothing. So I took out the spark plug and ran over to Lowe's and guess what? The manufacturer had the wrong sized spark plug in the engine. The original plug was a Briggs and Stratton 496018T. A Lowe's employee helped me get a new plug by a new brand called FirstFire. The FirstFire plug I bought is a FF10 ($2.97). For the more expensive type plug it is E3.10 ($5.97). This new plug is short and fat. The original plug, 496018T, is narrow and long. After putting in the new plug, my mower refused to start until about the 7th pull and it now runs like the first day I bought it.
    Check your spark plug.

  7. After a few months of giving up on mine and resorting to a different mower, I finally figured out how to fix it.  The secret is to pull the emulsion tube with a screw driver, so you can clean it properly.  It is tiny and made of plastic and groans like it will break when you apply any pressure to it, but if you are real careful, it will pop up without breaking.  Mine had a visible obstruction.

    Still don't like this design.  Don't like how you have to take the top off to see the linkages, and how it uses hard to move bolts of different sizes rather than nuts you can spin with your fingers. Those brackets seems made to frustrate and get into the way too.

  8. I have one just like it it was workin like a week ago but now that I'm trying to get it running it won't star. Why it's that. It has gasoline oil I checked everything

  9. Hey dude, ihave a question, what would happen if I used octane booster in a mower crancase, like where the oil goes… nothing? Or would it ruin it

  10. Hi Cliff, Thanks for the shout out! That's a really nice mower. Glad to be of help! I did get your email by the way. & sent you one back. Have a great weekend!

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