Troy-Bilt TB200 Lawn Mower-Youtube

Un-boxing and setting up the Troy-Bilt TB200 Lawn Mower. I’ve never owned a Troy-Bilt before. This mower is easy to setup and starts within 2 pulls. Has several nice features like 21″ Cutting System with 3-in-1 Capability: Side Discharge / Mulch / Rear Bag, deck wash, and front wheel drive. Very cool mower for the money. I paid $269.00



27 thoughts on “Troy-Bilt TB200 Lawn Mower-Youtube

  1. Just bought a similar Troy bolt model to this one, instructions weren't great so I searched good ok YouTube and found your video. Awesome vid thx for the help!!!

  2. Thank you for this video. I bought a similar Troy-Bilt today and could not get it to turn on. After watching this, I realized I had not extended out the handle. So I went back and completed that step…two pulls later and it started right up.

  3. Did you have to manually engage the blade before you started it? I was reading somewhere that for safety reasons you have to enable the blade before you start it the first time. Thanks

  4. Thank goodness for your video here! You made putting this together very simple for 2 old ladies lol. We love this mower! Thank you.

  5. a mower is never shipped with oil inside the engine, so its normal, plus there is usually a tag that says to put oil first so it wont be a surpise to anyone

  6. Thanks for posting this! I followed the instructions in assembling mine and figured I skipped a few steps. This helped me confirm that I set it up correctly!

  7. Thanks for having this, sir. The instructions felt pretty useles with grainy pictures and unclear instructions. Now shes up and running ?

  8. I just brought one but it let me down will not stay running. I have no idea what is wrong. They offered me a warrantee when I brought it. But I thought I was buying top quality BOY WAS I WRONG. I NEED TO DO SOMETHING OR I MAY GET A CITY CITATION. $269.00 plus taxes what a lost.

  9. Thank you for the video. Assembled my mower in less than 5 mins thanks to you. Also your backyard brought back memories of home back in El Paso. Miss stone walls!!! No one would understand unless they had one. Lol!

  10. Troy-Bilt is an awesome lawn mower, i have had mine for 8 years about ready to get a new one, not that i need a new one i just want to buy one.

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