9 thoughts on “Troy bilt transaxle rebuild. Part 1 of 2 removing the drive.

  1. im digging the way you hung it from a strap..And you must did your research are you did that before..Thanks for the education..Roll Tide

  2. Beautiful! Thank you so much for greasing the way for my upcoming transaxle surgery … never done anything like this before.

    How do you remove the grease?

  3. yes concrete will make a battery go weak but it on rubber tire Need a rubber mat to set batteries on Also concrete will zap the life out of your tires make em hard and crack. Need to park on rubber mats

  4. Thanks for this video. I bought a 3rd hand 07 Pony. After about 5 uses, mine started slipping, or so I thought. I changed the drive belts and still the same thing. So, I'm looking at needing to do his to mine.
    Just wondering if you were experiencing slipping issues also. Or what yours may have been doing. Thanks

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