6 thoughts on “troy built chipper super tomahawk 2 in 1 chipper shredder 8hp Briggs and stratton engine

  1. I just picked one of those up for $35 bucks two weeks ago. It came with the hitch. I sold it a week later for $400. Those chippers (8 horsepower) are beasts! They don't built personal chippers like that anymore! Now they sell new junk for $800 in the store. Those were made by Garden Way mfg. out of TROY N.Y. the true builders of Troy-Bilt. They went under in 1992 MTD bought up most of their assets but those Tomahawk chippers weren't one of them. Some of the best residential chippers ever made. Thing is a beast! With the grate down pieces of wood will literally hit the ground and come flying at you at a speed that can take an eye out. Even with the grate on sometimes small pieces of wood became projectile's. Makes really great mulch. THEY ARE LOUD. When you disengage the belt it takes over a minute for the blade to stop turning, because of the amount of inertia involved. If anybody is looking for a good chipper. These are the machines to look for. Around $400 fully working, excellent condition, great price and still half the price of the garbage they sell now. Those 8hp Briggs L-head I/C engines were no joke! Beast!

  2. When you start the engine, do the blades automatically start with it or is there a switch to engage the chipper blades? I lost my manual and it's been a few years; I'm rebuilding it now. TKS

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