Troy Built Pony 17 HP Briggs & Stratton Governor/Idle Issues

This is a 17.5 hp B&S motor on a Troy Built Pony lawn tractor. I purchased this tractor and it was doing this. I figured it just needed a carb rebuilt on it ans that wouldnt be a problem. Well I rebuilt the carb, but I was unable to remove the idle screw because of the black cap seen in the video I point at it. After rebuilding the carb it still does the same thing. I read to remove and clean that screw because there maybe some junk in that port, but i cant remove it because it only turns about half way going either direction. If i move the choke almost closed (seen in video) it smooths outs. If I hold the governor back a little it smooths out and revs up. If you engage the blades it smooths out to and seems to run fine. I would like some help here, if somebody can. Thanks so much
Link for picture directed to Anthony Hayes:



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  1. If the engine is surging like that and turning the choke on stops the motor and holding the governor arm as he did in this video causes the idle to smooth out, you need to do a static governor adjustment. That involves loosening the nut on the governor linkage and setting the throttle wide open and back down and tightening the governor on place right at the point where the throttle stops and no further. However if it runs on choke and holding the governor arm in place causes it to die, you have a dirty carb creating a lean condition. So when you choke the engine, it helps level out the air fuel mixture and let's it run better. But this is not a fix. The carb still needs attention in this circumstance.

  2. Mine does the same thing, I have to cut with it choked pretty hard.  I've cleaned the carb and it persists, might even be worse now.  Anyone figure out a solution to this?

  3. Pssh. My brand new Ariens 42" mower with the same engine does that occasionally. Then if you let it die at idle, it starts up, and runs fine. WIERD.

  4. I had this same problem, mine was the carb dirty. I cleaned it carefully and also the set screw with the black plastic top. Remove it with pliers note its position, remove the set screw and spray the port out with carb cleaner. Reassembly should be good.

  5. Please help:( my pony is doing the same thing. It runs fine on choke put cuts off on rabbit. I can't get the link to open up that u posted

  6. Anthony look in the description above there is a link to a picture. Can you tell me if that is the plug? If not can you please be a bit more clear about its location? Thanks alot for your help

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