Turbo Install on the Barbie Car Go Kart 4K

Today our Power Wheels Barbie Mustang gets a Turbo! A BR VZ21 Mini Turbo Charger to be exact( https://amzn.to/2BPftz9 ). This should make 7-14 pounds of boost and push us over our 90MPH goal. In this video we also instal a small oil cooler and make custom turbo flanges.

We couldn’t find much information on turbo charging air cooled dirt bike engines so we are figuring it out as we go. Any and all feedback is welcome! Hit us up below. Cant wait to take a turbo charged go kart on the streets!

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41 thoughts on “Turbo Install on the Barbie Car Go Kart 4K

  1. How much cc is your engine? I have a 4 stroke 70cc Jincheng monkey which I want to turbo charge but I don't know if the cylinder can handle the amount of hp the turbo produces.

  2. Daddy the other girls at school made fun of me because I don't have a Barbie Dream Car;

    "Sweetie, apparently the gauntlet has come down… …You'll get a Dream Car!!"

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