45 thoughts on “Ultrasonic Cleaner repairs carburetors

  1. I bet you could run all your fluid through like a stack of coffee filters or something just to clean it up nice and good other then that great video thanks for the help as usual.

  2. A bit off topic Mustie1, and I have never seen this, but could you try to use your ultrasonic cleaner or a transducer from one to help desulfate old lead acid batteries. I see all these electrical methods being used but never anything with a mechanical method. Not even sure it would be safe and it may cause more problems that it helps, but just an idea.

  3. Watching you mess with anything electrical, let alone electronic is an exercise in "NO, NO, NOOOOOOO!" about every ten seconds. LEARN AS MUCH ABOUT ELECTRICAL TOOLS AND CIRCUITS AS YOU DO ABOUT MECHANICAL SYSTEMS before you embarrass yourself.

  4. Fluids also heat up and cool faster if in motion. If you put ice in a sealed container and add a warm liquid and then shake it it will chill almost immediately. Try it.

  5. Gunk is the best carb cleaner I have ever used, and it gets parts totally clean, without the 40 hertz times 6. I would think the high frequency vibration would do even better, and do it a lot quicker. Also painters use what's called cheese cloth, and if you fold it double or more it will probably filter everything. It won't be quick, it would have to be left over night, but it should make the Gunk last longer. To that I will say I have never done as many carb parts in a year as you do in a month, so it evaporates, even though I seal the can as much as possible. Kinda like it was running last year. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. New to the videos, this old dog has learned so many new tricks. Thank you so much for sharing. I am not going to miss any going forward.

    I went out and bought the same make of Ultrasonic (A little smaller, I don't plan on working on "the big stuff", but just wondering if anyone has caught what temp he is running the Gunk at? I see mixed opinions and I am sure I want to go with Gunk, just don't wanna burn the garage down.

  7. Man, I am going through your videos, so glad I found this channel. Subscribed straight away!!!
    My Son is 12 now and we're big time Aircooled people. Mustie, watch his video(the dream) on my channel, you'll love it.

  8. I've seen you mention the Gunk carb cleaner kits a few times now. For around the same price (but for more fluid) you can buy the Gunk Hydroseal cleaner by the gallon for your ultrasonic washers. Great stuff! Of course, then you don't get a paint can from it or the little basket. I've used it for a while now for carbs and swear by it.

  9. Jewellers use smaller ones with Isopropynol, to clean watch movements etc. Am sure you knew this, but they do a geat job. At the end I was sure that was the Dartford Bridge connecting the two M25's together over the Thames East of London England. But no …. two lanes, traffic coming. Close though for one second !

  10. 15 Liter capacity parts cleaner, that's about 4 gallons. You placed 1 gallon of gum out and about enough space left was about 1/2 gallon. I'm thinking you may have a 10 liter cap. unit.

  11. Hi Mustie1
    I just took delivery of one of these ultrasonic cleaners, the smaller unit with 6 L volume, but same brand. I have never used an ultrasonic cleaner before, but since I've got some carburetors that are giving me problems, I thought I'd get one. I'm the kind that never unplug any cords, so if the breaker fails on mine, I'll definitely replace it. Possibly put in a relay, if the problem is that the breaker is too weak for the application. Greetings from Sweden

  12. So your Ultrasonic Cleaner ever goes down again and you cannot repair it there is a real easy way to clean these carburetors but you have to do it outside steel pot or aluminum pan green radiator fluid old school build a small fire underneath of it with wood cook time for about an hour and a half sometimes maybe longer drop the carbs in when you pull them out there be brand new I do this all the time with the 750 carburetors 550 carburetor actually any aluminum body carbs good luck

  13. I just ordered a six liter one of these. I'll likely just leave the switch on all the time and not stress the switch until it finally gives out – just will use an external switch. I will open the base on mine to be sure that everything looks good after seeing that loose wire like yours had. Great video and thanks for all you do- I've learned a lot from watching you and just want to say a big THANKS – you've helped me with my small engine repairs many times by watching how you do things!

  14. I use ultrasonics at work every day. Some are tanks that use a water based antisurficant and wax disolver, another is a multi stage automated machine using petroleum distillates to clean micro mechanics and watch movements. Ultrasonic waves travel quite nicely thuough all the solutions. One way to check the action of the ultrasonic waves used to be to toss a wadded up ball of aluminium foil in the solution and it should start to un ball when turned on. I havent tried that in about 20 years but it worked on an old vacumme tube one i had years ago.

  15. Thanks to Mustie. Love the public comments. Are dials or digital better for reliability of these units? Cheers from Australia

  16. Not related to the cleaner, but … you have cleaned hundreds, probably THOUSANDS, more small engine carburetor than I have so I have a simple question. The "classic" small engine carb has the bowl attached to the body with a bowl nut/jet. There is a "rubber" gasket between the stamp bowl and the body of the carb. Many time I have a problem re-assembling the carb because it seems that this gasket is swollen. Is it the carb cleaner that is causing it to swell ?

  17. For convenience, I'd wire up an outlet on a light switch and plug it into that. That switch on the back would have annoyed me a while ago.

  18. Recently found your channel and now I'm addicted. Love your content and your easy style. I've had a great time binge watching your old vids. Many many thanks.

  19. I had a problem with that same type of switch earlier this year. Repairman came to pull the defective switch and replace it, but didn't have the correct replacement. Plan B popped into my head. I had an obsolete piece of equipment in my junk box with the correct switch. Pulled the switch out and replaced the failed switch. Voila, back in business. I'm glad I threw that obsolete piece of equipment in my junk box. Thanks for helping me think outside the box, Mustie! I really like your channel!

  20. Hey buddy!
    I picked up a free 1965 Evinrude 18hp that had been sitting for like 20 years. Just got it running real nice.
    That video you did a year ago on the 10hp (56 i think it was) had the same lower end so that was a
    massive help for me when I went in to service the water pump.
    I've learned an enormous amount from your videos so thank you and keep doin what yer doin ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. I'll admit that my first thought was "Check the continuity of the fuse." The second was "Check the continuity of the switch.". Just funny how long it took until that was done.

  22. congrats Mustie for reaching 200K subscribers…I just found your channel about 3 weeks ago and there were 198,000…must have been the 2 thousand people I have told about you that put you over..lol…love the vids and hope all the best for you…

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