Unseizing an engine without pulling it

An old vf1100 Sabre I just unstuck the engine in — without having to pull the engine



25 thoughts on “Unseizing an engine without pulling it

  1. You can throw your butt in the pan & all it will do is go out. You can also do this with gasoline. Cigs will not light liquid fuel, only an open flame will. In a contained atmosphere like a paint booth, NO SMOKING. Has to be a pretty unventilated room with your eyes burning for a cig to initiate combustion.

  2. How did you plug up gap between your tubing from the pump and your oil fill opening? When i hooked it up it started spraying out of the gap everywhere! Lol Also i have an air cooled '81 kz650 so I think the other end will be out the air intake manifold like yours but I'm not 100% certain until I get it flowing properly.

  3. just picked up an old rm250 2 stroke with a seized motor what u u recommend to unseize it? its been sitting for alonng time. kick start is froze up

  4. I have taken the information from here and applying to a 1982 Honda Goldwing gl1100 Interstate. It has been sitting for 18 years. Had the pump flowing for 4 days. The trash in the bucket is a shock!

  5. I don't got an aquarium pump nor do I have any of that marvel mystery oil but I've got a bunch of diesel. I've got the 83 magna v65 and it seized over the winter…working at it i eventually got one cylinder to somewhat free up it spat out a bit if diesel out of the plug hole

  6. A guy want's $200 bks for a 85 Honda 1100cc 90,000kms. Say's it spit and spuddered one day, and just seized up! He don't know why!(he say's lol) He's parting out the Bike, only missing thing's are the New wheels tht were on it!? What do u think?

  7. I just had a 18hp Brigg's sieze up one night on my Buggy, i filled it up to the top with oil thru the plug hole's, and then broke it free with a Tire wrench(redrained oil yes), and then drove it for about another 2 wk's, and then the Conn Rod end cap broke! I can't believe it even run again after locking up like tht……..

  8. if a bike has been sat for a very long time your best off taking the head of to make shore there is no rust or your scratch and Wear the bore like hell

  9. It already blew up in his face. Just listen to him. D'oh! Just run Diesel through it that'll fix. It'll do 200 mph with a cig in his mouth and a 16 ouncer. Mumble mumble

  10. I know this is an old post, but hope someone else is looking too. I have a seized '81 Honda Silverwing and want to try this. However, can't figure out where the return hose would connect. Any insight?

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