Update: The Honda 3011 Riding Mower Engine Is Blown

Hey guys, just a quick follow-up video on the Honda 3011 riding lawn mower. The previous owner ran the mower on low oil. When I brought it home, the engine had frozen. I removed the spark plug, reduced the compression, added oil to the engine, started it and it blew a hole in the sidewall of the engine block. So yeah, the engine is officially dead. This is the danger of running an engine on low oil, though I added oil, it was too late because internal engine damage was already done. I thought about parting it out but the mower body is in great shape, so I am hoping to find and engine for it for cheap, really cheap. I am watching CL to see if I can find another one with a good engine. I live in South Carolina, so if you happen to see one for sale, please let me know.



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